National Signing Day player rankings 2020: Top 100 recruits for early signing period

first_imgOver the course of early signing period, we’ll see which coaches get their classes off to strong starts, and which will face an uphill climb after losing out their targets.With that, here are the top 100 recruits to keep an eye on as college football’s early signing period commences (all rankings 247Sports Composite). MORE: Follow SN’s live early signing period trackerTop 100 college football recruits 20205-star recruits1. Bryan Bresee, (No. 1 DT)2. Julian Fleming, (No. 1 WR)3. Myles Murphy, (No. 1 SDE)4. Justin Flowe, (No. 1 ILB)5. Jordan Burch, (No. 2 SDE)6. Bryce Young, (No. 1 DUAL)7. Paris Johnson Jr., (No. 1 OT)8. Kelee Ringo, (No. CB)9. Arik Gilbert, (No. 1 TE)10. Darnell Washington, (No. 1 ATH)11. Sav’ell Smalls, (No. 1 OLB)12. Elias Ricks, (No. 2 CB)13. DJ Uiagalelei, (No. 13 PRO)14. Zachary Evans, (No. 1 RB)15. Bijan Robinson, (No. 2 RB)16. Demarkcus Bowman, (No. 3 RB)17. Chris Braswell, (No. 1 WDE)18. Mekhail Sherman, (No. 2 OLB)19. Broderick Jones, (No. 2 OT)20. Rakim Jarrett, (No. 2 WR)21. Drew Sanders, (No. 2 ATH)22. Demond Demas, (No. 3 WR)23. Noah Sewell, (No. 2 ILB)24. Demonte Capehart, (No. 2 DT)25. Chris Tyree, (No. 1 APB)26. Fred Davis II, (No. 3 CB)27. Tank Bigsby, (No. 4 RB)28. Jordan Johnson, (No. 4 WR)4-star recruits29. Trenton Simpson, (No. 3 OLB)30. Jaylon Jones, (No. 1 S)31. Gervon Dexter, (No. 3 DT)32. Desmond Evans, (No. 2 WDE)33. Jaxon Smith-Njigba, (No. 5 WR)34. Demouy Kennedy, (No. 3 ILB)35. Don Chaney Jr., (No. 5 RB)36. Tate Ratledge, (No. 3 OT)37. Kendall Milton, (No. 6 RB)38. Turner Corcoran, (No. 4 OT)39. MarShawn Lloyd, (No. 7 RB)40. Kayshon Boutte, (No. 6 WR)41. Marcus Rosemy, (No. 7 WR)42. Phillip Webb, (No. 4 OLB)43. Jase McClellan, (No. 8 RB)44. Curtis Jacobs, (No. 5 OLB)45. Justin Rogers, (No. 4 DT)46. Quandarrius Robinson, (No. 6 OLB)47. Clark Phillips III, (No. 4 CB)48. Michael Mayer, (No. 2 TE)49. Jaquelin Roy, (No. 5 DT)50. Demorie Tate, (No. 5 CB)51. Nate Anderson, (No. OG)52. Jermaine Burton, (No. 8 WR)53. Jalen Carter, (No. 6 DT)54. Donell Harris, (No. 3 WDE)55. Avantae Williams, (No. 2 S)56. Walker Parks, (No. 5 OT)57. Gary Bryant Jr., (No. 9 WR)58. Brian Branch, (No. 3 S)59. Xzavier Henderson, (No. 10 WR)60. Andrew Gentry, (No. 6 OT)61. Jalen McMillan, (No. 11 WR)62. Gee Scott Jr., (No. 12 WR)63. Hudson Card, (No. 2 DUAL)64. Antoine Sampah, (No. 4 ILB)65. Luke Doty, (No. 3 DUAL)66. Keshawn Lawrence, (No. 4 S)67. Tosh Baker, (No. 7 OT)68. Myles Hinton, (No. 8 OT)69. Quentin Johnston, (No. 13 WR)70. Trey Wedig, (No. 9 OT)71. Alfred Collins, (No. 3 SDE)72. Arian Smith, (No. 14 WR)73. Haynes King, (No. 4 DUAL)74. Garrett Hayes, (No. 10 OT)75. Ja’Quinden Jackson, (No. 3 ATH)76. Dontae Manning, (No. 6 CB)77. Chantz Williams, (No. 4 WDE)78. Will Anderson, (No. 5 WDE)79. Lathan Ransom, (No. 5 S)80. Daniyel Ngata, (No. 2 APB)81. Derek Wingo, (No. 7 OLB)82. Mookie Cooper, (No. 15 WR)83. CJ Stroud, (No. 2 PRO)84. Theo Johnson, (No. 3 TE)85. Timothy Smith, (No. 7 DT)86. Roydell Williams, (No. 9 RB)87. Tre Williams, (No. 8 DT)88. Andrew Raym, (No. 2 OG)89. Johnny Wilson, (No. 16 WR)90. Reggie Grimes, (No. 6 WDE)91. Jordan Toles, (No. 6 S)92. A.J. Henning, (No. 17 WR)93. Kobe Hudson, (No. 18 WR)94. Myles Murao, (No. 1 C)95. Wesley Steiner, (No. 5 ILB)96. Luke Wypler, (No. 2 C)97. Marcus Dumervil, (No. 11 OT)98. E.J. Williams, (No. 19 WR)99. Antonio Doyle, (No. 8 OLB)100. Paul Tchio, (No. 3 OG)2020 college football recruits: Ranking top 100 players by positionDual-threat quarterbacksPlayer (overall rank)1. Bryce Young (No. 6)2. Hudson Card (No. 63)3. Luke Doty (No. 65)4. Haynes King (No. 73)Pro-style 1uarterbacksPlayer (overall rank)1. DJ Uiagalelei (No. 13)2. CJ Stroud (No. 83)Running backsPlayer (overall rank)1. Zachary Evans (No. 14)2. Bijan Robinson (No. 15)3. Demarkcus Bowman (No. 16)4. Tank Bigsby (No. 27)5. Don Chaney Jr. (No. 35)6. Kendall Milton (No. 37)7. MarShawn Lloyd (No. 39)8. Jase McClellan (No. 43)9. Roydell Williams (No. 86)All-purpose backsPlayer (overall rank)1. Chris Tyree (No. 25)2. Daniyel Ngata (No. 80)AthletesPlayer (overall rank)1. Darnell Washington (No. 10)2. Drew Sanders (No. 21)3. Ja’Quinden Jackson (No. 75)Wide receiversPlayer (overall rank)1. Julian Fleming (No. 2)2. Rakim Jarrett (No. 20)3. Demond Demas (No. 22)4. Jordan Johnson (No. 28)5. Jaxon Smith-Njigba (No. 33)6. Kayshon Boutte (No. 40)7. Marcus Rosemy (No. 41)8. Jermaine Burton (No. 52)9. Gary Bryant Jr. (No. 57)10. Xzavier Henderson (No. 59)11. Jalen McMillan (No. 61)12. Gee Scott Jr. (No. 62)13. Quentin Johnston (No. 69)14. Arian Smith (No. 72)15. Mookie Cooper (No. 82)16. Johnny Wilson (No. 89)17. A.J. Henning (No. 92)18. Kobe Hudson (No. 93)19. E.J. Williams (No. 98)Tight endsPlayer (overall rank)1. Arik Gilbert (No. 9)2. Michael Mayer (No. 48)3. Theo Johnson (No. 84)Offensive tacklesPlayer (overall rank)1. Paris Johnson Jr. (No. 7)2. Broderick Jones (No. 19)3. Tate Ratledge (No. 36)4. Turner Corcoran (No. 38)5. Walker Parks (No. 56)6. Andrew Gentry (No. 60)7. Tosh Baker (No. 67)8. Myles Hinton (No. 68)9. Trey Wedig (No. 70)10. Garrett Hayes (No. 74)11. Marcus Dumervil (No. 97)GuardsPlayer (overall rank)1. Nate Anderson (No. 51)2. Andrew Raym (No. 88)3. Paul Tchio (No. 100)CentersPlayer (overall rank)1. Myles Murao (No. 94)2. Luke Wypler (No. 96)Strong-side defensive endPlayer (overall rank)1. Myles Murphy (No. 3)2. Jordan Burch (No. 5)3. Alfred Collins (No. 71)Weak-side defensive endPlayer (overall rank)1. Chris Braswell (No. 17)2. Desmond Evans (No. 32)3. Donell Harris (No. 54)4. Chantz Williams (No. 77)5. Will Anderson (No. 78)6. Reggie Grimes (No. 90)Defensive tacklesPlayer (overall rank)1. Bryan Bresee (No. 1)2. Demonte Capehart (No. 24)3. Gervon Dexter (No. 31)4. Justin Rogers (No. 45)5. Jaquelin Roy (No. 49)6. Jalen Carter (No. 53)7. Timothy Smith (No. 85)8. Tre Williams (No. 87)Inside linebackersPlayer (overall rank)1. Justin Flowe (No. 4)2. Noah Sewell (No. 23)3. Demouy Kennedy (No. 34)4. Antoine Sampah (No. 64)5. Wesley Steiner (No. 95)Outside linebackersPlayer (overall rank)1. Sav’ell Smalls (No. 11)2. Mekhail Sherman (No. 18)3. Trenton Simpson (No. 29)4. Phillip Webb (No. 42)5. Curtis Jacobs (No. 44)6. Quandarrius Robinson (No. 46)7. Derek Wingo (No. 81)8. Antonio Doyle (No. 99)CornerbacksPlayer (overall rank)1. Kelee Ringo (No. 8)2. Elias Ricks (No. 12)3. Fred Davis II (No. 26)4. Clark Phillips III (No. 47)5. Demorie Tate (No. 50)6. Dontae Manning (No. 76)SafetiesPlayer (overall rank)1. Jaylon Jones (No. 30)2. Avantae Williams (No. 55)3. Brian Branch (No. 58)4. Keshawn Lawrence (No. 66)5. Lathan Ransom (No. 79)6. Jordan Toles (No. 91) The early signing period is here, when many of the top 2020 recruits in the nation will sign their letters of intent and set their college commitments in stone.This is the third year of the NCAA’s early signing period; previously, athletes had to wait until February to put pen to paper. Many still will delay their decision until the turn of the calendar, but the early signing period still can go a long way in determining which schools will pull in the top classes.last_img

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