The 5 capabilities that a successful online marketer must have

said the master, I am feeling, because this is a dream of every network marketing staff, are thinking about who is closer to master, but the flesh is weak, so today I write this article, I also review their own.

1, successful internet marketers are good at observing

To succeed,

must learn from the successful, while the successful ones are good at imitating. The site can be divided into 2 categories, functional class, class information, such as: the search engine belongs to the class website, directly grab someone else’s site to facilitate Internet users to find information, Sina, Sohu, home is numerous this is information website. read more

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Talking about collecting articles in disguised form

do flow station most of the friends who should have acquired experience, you are not the end of the first page of the list from another station to collect it, then change the classification or change a site to collect? This is not feeling too vague? It is a skill acquisition.

When we collected

better not total acquisition, nor a list to the list of your collection, as long as we have the quality of the collection.

first, the recommended collection of hot articles in the website, in general, each category will have a popular article next to this category, we use this hot article as a list, such articles are multi view. read more

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Zhang Zhiwen comment on the product value of the program and community operations short board

many sites are targeted at local stations, industry stations, and vertical stations. These sites need a community while web sites also require web sites to form a vertical domain content database. The operation of local communities, the community industry webmaster have such problems: how to guide users to participate in the construction of the content of the website? I will only operate their own popular sinks the community construction experience to share:

in the operation, we need to carefully adjust forum, control group number, we hope that users can in these communities continue to tap the value of products, to create content, but the problem is, if the lack of popularity, not enough topic, users have no incentive to provide content, participate in the discussion, not to participate in the discussion forum. / group is not enough to enter a vicious spiral. In the planning, is also very serious problems, for the content category vertical field complex, we use the community forum for classification, is not a low efficiency? Use forum / group to guide users to participate in the discussion, this is actually rely on users to drive the user, and where is this seed users so we can? See, in the initial site operators, forum, group, only the master of a person to play a life in the post, and then registered various vest, trying to create a good community atmosphere. However, website operation is not a task of community construction, as well as promotion and management, these are complementary, and the lack of sufficient efforts in any aspect will inevitably lead to a depression in the community. read more

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Travel industry analysis online shop and independent website is different

in the tourist outlets, users exchange groups to see other people chat, talking about tourism outlets and independent website problems, can not help but more than a few words. Such a situation is not the first time to see the person in charge, and a lot of travel agency contact, more or less, they will shop and independent website operators work on "whether the duplication" of the topic under discussion. For example, most of the time, we talked about in the discussion of a travel agency web site should be how to build, will be put forward, so the platform shop just fine, as their own websites, or directly with the domain name. And I think the discussion of these two topics has just made a mistake on the level. Because in the whole process of tourism e-commerce, this is the two topic in different links. read more

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Soft text creation how to produce high quality soft text

want to make your site in the search engine weight is high not only need the support of the chain will have a high quality of the original article, gold SEO’s law tells us that content is king, the chain for the emperor, sometimes the chain is not to our will to change, but we have the right to decide the content well, because we can on its Web site published original articles, even if you write well, then ask someone to write it, but if it is the construction of the chain, often please do not have a good effect. Of course, the original high-quality articles, in fact, for non literature or non news professionals, there will be some difficulties in the creation, then how to do? read more

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Teach you how to use Baidu to build millions of traffic

38 happy women’s day, women when self-improvement, teach you how to use Baidu to create millions of traffic. Baidu space, a staff of 2, and the machine used by IP is not the same.

1, find Sogou index.


2, see a keyword, then this is the name of a search keywords, and keywords of this article as article, send to your Baidu space, like this has formed a key article.

3, and then use a Baidu know user name to send a question, including the keyword in the title of the question.

4, using a Baidu know the user name, must not be the same IP, the best is not a region, and then reply to the problem, the problem above is the address of your Baidu space, then the following is the contents of the reply. read more

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Classified information website operation three years experience sharing

first statement, to A5 writing this article is not in order to send soft Wen, but to share with you the secondary (classified information) website operating experience. In fact, since last month’s Internet Conference, I’ve been wanting to write something to share with you. Today I’m free to sit down and write. This article I original, but the copyright does not have, welcome to reprint.

in fact, doing web site and doing business is the same, to do long-term, you must catch repeat customers. How does a website grab a repeat customer?. As for secondary websites or classified information websites, users should be promoted from the following points. read more

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How to promote the website website developed by the enterprise itself

some companies or individuals still do not love to open shop in Taobao or Tmall, will own the development of a mall, but some companies have the strength, the developed platform is also good, but some small businesses or individuals with limited funds, developed Shopping Mall not very ideal. No matter how, the mall did, of course, have to promote, then self built website shopping mall need to do how to promote it? I’ll sum up and analyze it,


1, website mall promotion, in fact, is to promote their website mall. And people to promote themselves, the website mall promotion is to promote their website mall. Some people is very hard every day to write blogs, enrich their space network platform, and then an article full of forwarding, comments, spare no effort, in the NetEase, Sohu, Sina, Baidu, forums and other network everywhere can see the articles and information could be seen everywhere, even the mall site links. Although these are very boring, but always can let a lot of people know their website mall an important way. read more

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By Baidu stop how to restore rankings after the station

Recently, Baidu

large area K station, for the problem of how to restore the site, I simply Shaoyi own experience. How is your domain name ".Cn" and "K"?. There is nothing outside the chain, it is simply to change a new domain name, and then let Baidu re included, but before this, you must find out the problem of the site, and then correct.

below are several ways to let Baidu re – collect

one, send a few high-quality soft Wen (this effect is immediate. Don’t know how this now Baidu, recently tried)
read more

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firmly believe that all the webmaster are simple

my site is a blog site, due to the need to promote websites, often to some big Webmaster Station around the way, leave your footprints in the station, send your own web site, thus leaving what, QQ contact, also met many webmaster friends.

I just do

station soon, the senior webmaster is my new webmaster for a contemptuous disregard, only those new owners, in order to contacts, to contact and communicate with the person more experience, also change some links and so on, contact with me.

stands for several months, I send the station in the webmaster also has nearly more than 20, leaving footprints are many, among them, many other websites is posted, so I QQ a line, avoid beep ringing. I’m a full-time worker, and I only manage my website on Saturday and Sunday with the exception of my tight job, so it’s hard to deal with the enthusiasm of those webmasters. read more

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t’s a habit to persist in not giving up

this time has been very low, Baidu site keywords K my site, it was linked to horse sex. In fact, the most important reason is their own reasons for the state of mind. Keywords site is K, I think this site should be closed, the site was linked to horse, not to hang their technology, let them go hang. I shut myself! Seeing are now in August 11th, time passed so much! I can’t go on like this, since it cannot escape, brave face! Said to myself: don’t be discouraged, the courage to persevere, victory in a corner waiting for you read more

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5 points to teach you how to improve page conversion rates for online businesses

it’s a time tested distribution motto, "attracting new customers is far more valuable than retaining old customers."". For people who work in e-commerce, knowing more about the behavior of site visitors means that they can better maintain relationships with consumers.

reasonable use of data and understanding of customer needs, the only way to better cultivate more consumers play an important role in stimulating and inspiring, exciting and attractive one in different stages of development. If you are lucky enough to be able to do so, it will mean that your business will have a double boost, not only increasing sales, but also better saving costs. read more

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Analysis how to optimize keyword ranking difference

why keywords ranking will be poor,


first, we need to find out why, and then we can solve the problem. We do not know why, but just go to the hair chain, do editing. SEO without effect is a hooligan. So how do we find the problem and solve the problem? Nanping SEO four step to solve the problem of poor ranking of keywords.

one, analysis website type, keyword

>: first of all, analyze the types of websites we use and the types of keywords that affect rankings. When we do the site keywords positioning, we should have a clear theme, if we don’t know our website what to do, what do you think is the key words, Baidu will know the types and keywords of our website? Our website positioning keyword will determine the theme of a website. Of course, here, Nanping SEO recommends that you do not do illegal, deceptive, involving political and other non formal stations. read more

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Can personal websites continue to survive if affiliate revenues are abandoned

if you leave affiliate revenue, it’s hard for your website to survive. Then you need to think about it. On the other hand, Congratulations, your website is good.

for the majority of grassroots Adsense, Google exit the most worried about is whether Google Adsense is affected, advertising revenue is still guaranteed?. Although the advertising alliance is not the best choice, it is the main way for the new Adsense to realize the profit. Google Adsense alliance appeared in China before, so even if Google quit China, it should have no influence on advertising alliance, so the webmaster can rest assured. But individual stationmaster also learns a little from Google exit — website cannot rely solely on alliance income. read more

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Garbage space let my website be K

for a long time did not write articles, some things to write today, for your reference, I write down these days, do stand is not, a few days ago my station was suddenly Baidu K page did not immediately find the cause, not excessive optimization, no dead link, link the website ranking well, don’t want to be the cause of K.

Go to the KYW

afternoon news station for a moment, that this sentence in his " SEO half hour quick notes; try to use independent IP and spatial reasons: under the same IP other sites to be punished, may have an impact on your station. If you stand and a lot of garbage, pornographic station with a server, the search engine will love? " usually do not pay attention to the server IP whether Baidu seal, check today, scared me, there are more than 90 sites on the IP, more than 75 by K, some open, some only included a page, find the problem, to change the space immediately, for our small webmaster, it is not easy to find a cheap and fast space. read more

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How to break through the existing profit model of dating websites

in twenty-first Century China, the network is no longer a virtual world, it is increasingly affecting people’s actual life, from the matchmaker to dating, and then to the development of fast dating sites, dating sites. IResearch online dating from 2007 to 2008 "China Industry Research Report" shows that in 2007 China’s online dating users has reached about 22500000 people, the majority of users has exceeded the size of 10 million; in 2007 the overall online dating market reached 500 million rmb. It is worth noting that, with the previous 2004 ~ 2006 Chinese online dating market size were 20 million yuan, 70 million yuan, 180 million yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of nearly 100% compared to 2007 to 2011 years (including the campus network of friends friends and other concepts) the annual growth rate is expected to reach about 35%. read more

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Enlightenment of the nternet industry segments to small owners the local station and the station in

Discuz! Lovers network April 14th news (text / see a webmaster) in April 11th, the first session of the Beijing News Education Forum 30 "of the traditional thinking of the Internet education effect" discussions, from the education sector a lot of discussion and speak freely, thinking that the Internet technology has brought changes to the education and training in turn the world upside down. In particular, the online curriculum and online education Internet model continue to promote the development of the education industry. In fact, this is the perfect combination of the Internet industry segments and education industry, boosting the development of emerging online education. read more

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48 methods of adding micro quotient

this article is very valuable, and share it with you.

is the first peer push, I walk with me if you push each other, if he is to sell another brand of cosmetics, such as sea water, he pushed me water in his circle of friends in the mask, I pushed him in the ocean water in my circle of friends, I sent to you the sea water of the ad, found that some people want to buy in my circle of friends, I asked my colleagues to push each other, he said 90 I feel expensive, I have asked my friends and a sea of water, he said in 70 that I would rather find 70. Do not look for 90 yuan right? This way so push each other, you are only suitable for fixed brand, and the price is unified, where to buy this product is the price, so whether clients or retail customers are relatively stable, there will not be such a problem of customer churn. read more

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Local strategy and development features of local news websites

local news website the local strategy is the local news website will combine with the Internet to the local reality, to rely on local resources, develop local characteristics, tend to localization services, the implementation of the localization strategy to become the local foreign propaganda window. A local news website needs detailed classification and planning according to the local businesses, people flow and logistics, and finally creates a perfect local news network.

as a local news website, it is necessary to include the local economy, people’s livelihood, hot spots, first look at a picture: read more

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