To fall in love with the nameless sea K station after the latest wave of guess algorithm

record with foreign space by manual review

Gov, Edu,

with 6.22 and 6.28 in K station after the sea wave, love Shanghai made a great change on the algorithm. And gradually come into effect. Serious impact on the traditional way of Shanghai dragon. Today is the most obscure love Shanghai new algorithm do some conjecture. Not very comprehensive, for reference only. Welcome to discuss. Starting in SEMKEY.

for there is no record of the new station or foreign website space, love Shanghai increase manual audit efforts. With the Ministry of good harmony network dynamics. Also affected the weight of some websites. read more

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The website construction of the external links of soft release link

soft in the writing will mostly leave your site, to improve the site in the search included and promotion, and in many places in a soft in the keyword with a text description, with key links, using bold or italic, can better increase the link weight, but this cannot be too a piece of software, at most one or two key links is enough, too many links in the first page of the website is very difficult to pass the audit, even without audit website, will also delete, and add a lot of keywords or links in the soft, the search engine does not love, like a forum, a lot of people made the above statement has many different posts, still at the end of the article and a lot of repeat keywords and links to such posts are to be deleted without exception, phase When doing this, wasting his time and site managers tired, not as good in the article just add a link or a URL is enough, I believe that most site managers to see such a situation not to delete, but also has the reader reading value, search engines soon, Why not?? read more

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Drunk driving after thinking love Shanghai 520 event decide on what path to follow

on the forum of stationmaster of overwhelming love Shanghai denounced the post, more than 80% of the original, I love Shanghai sites have been punished. Try to make one so why Shanghai can love the inverse? When the rise of Shanghai can not rely on us these small sites a little strength piled up? Do not know love Shanghai water boat can capsize the truth? Fall in love with a dead dog cooked in one fell swoop Aplysia, what is for what? A closer look at the love in Shanghai, it is not difficult to find, those who have a certain commercial keyword index for Shanghai love their products and portal and B2B sites occupied, this is extremely angry! read more

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Hangzhou Shanghai Longfeng optimization services why can be popular

second: search engine home page shows the location of a limited number of


Guizhou Mazzoni believes it can improve the exposure rate, so if we find the shop management, it is also necessary to shift attention to the Shanghai dragon optimization process of this type, the whole process does not need to take too much of our time, but can enhance our marketing credit fundamentally, so all walks of life people have been transferred to the eyes of the optimization process of this type.

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How to let the spider love love Shanghai on your website

really high quality original content, should be from the user’s point of view, to provide effective information for the users, such as tourism website, you can write some to the basic necessities of life, all over the country to some tourist destinations, or some tourists travel experience and so on. Only from the perspective of users, to provide users with useful information, so as to effectively improve the site’s viscosity. When you love your website, naturally collection and even help you promote your website, imagine, this site, " read more

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Longfeng hot issue in Shanghai there is always that you don’t know on

(2) must be set up and make 301 jump and jump between old and new content capture, for a period of time until a new web page collection and sorting to achieve a relatively stable and good condition "between the old and new

official reply: gzip has no effect on the included and weight. The only effect on the search engine, is the capture speed will be faster. In contrast to the current is being promoted, faster website can obtain the user and search engine’s goodwill, and to promote the use of gzip compression in the webmaster website optimization Webmaster Platform suggestions, enhance the site speed. read more

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How do the website editor implement content

writing good written by someone who tends to get the favor of others, as the website content, but also to reflect the site and a fair and objective language organizational ability, let users believe that the website to convey the contents is to have credibility, as A5’s article and many personal blogger articles, also said the Shanghai Dragon. But in terms of A5 and management can get significantly more readers.


2: love Shanghai included and surge, burst and reduction, always keep in a minimal amount of read more

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From the Bible to optimize the nobility baby Shanghai Longfeng Enlightenment three

log and statistics

rich web content

every day to add a page means to update the content. The site is the need to accumulate in order to keep the occurrence cause qualitative change in the results. For some large sites, a lot of content is user generated, but for a small website, if you want to have more opportunities to be retrieved, if you want the user to browse the website has more things, then please seriously updated every day at least one page, which is in the accumulation of energy for the future. read more

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External links no longer worry share a few of his own combat experience

high weight platform: selectively leave


high weight platform with link is the webmaster will not miss the place, I was no exception. Every day a link is still very possible, now increasingly strict audit, "

the promotion: the use of soft push link

online has read a lot of seniors share if do external links and articles are influenced by natural ideas, to improve every day. But the site may be different, everyone access to the Internet environment is different, so there will be a way of her own. In fact, there are many methods for the construction of the link, only need to follow the prescribed order to find a method can persevere adhere to is victory. Today I write a few methods, hope everyone can benefit. These methods, for many master may not be worth a look, but for many people, it is a very suitable choice. read more

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Analysis of the hospital website link strategy

we all know, we usually say the link includes internal and external link, the chain of the site is more important. All a good outside chain strategy is more important. Outside chain source is very broad, Links, forum signature, soft and so on, are a good source of the chain, this is a lot of people have paid great attention to, here, put forward an important chain should pay attention to the medical relevance, value chain of strong correlation is relatively high, you can take advantage of.

a lot of people in view of Chinese and foreign chain, often ignore the construction of the chain, in fact, view the reverse link in the search engine can be found in many links are from the inside, from this point of view, the chain is also very important, in fact, the search engine is to pay more attention to web page ranking and the weight, so the internal links reasonably is very important. We pay attention to in the chain and to do well in the chain, reasonable chain transfer not only conducive to the spider crawling and weight, the overall weight of the site also has a profound impact. read more

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