Novice book pay attention to love Shanghai encyclopedia see essence through the phenomenon

Three other products:

love Shanghai Encyclopedia has good ranking advantage as everyone knows, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er that because love Shanghai itself have added to their love, not what special. The fundamental purpose of the iceberg today will be from the following questions about the analysis of search engine.

doubts: love is the love of the Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of their products, so

what is a proper noun? For example, China and People’s Republic of China, both is a meaning for us, but the former is used more widely, and the latter is normative, the latter is a proper noun. For an independent website, if one is "Chinese" website, a "People’s Republic of China" website, then the latter is easier to understand the user, so in this case, the search engine will also love Shanghai website or self identification information he built, proper nouns are self website so, the ranking will be higher than other sites (including the love he built Shanghai Encyclopedia). read more

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How to treat and subvert the traditional love Shanghai external optimization errors

we do not think the serious, because the external factors can be optimized, which can interfere with relatively strong external personnel. If because of external factors the website will be K, as long as do their duty, and then use the external factors to cheat rivals not to go down. The love of Shanghai has been know, so we can not worry about external optimization cheating place, in addition to a chain exchange, the most appropriate drop right last again. As for the consideration of what, I’ll tell you. read more

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How to improve the efficiency of novice forum chain

The first step: to find the target

through the analysis of the second step, select some new snapshot, included the amount is relatively high, more active forum registration. The best is the theme for, if it is replies to grab the sofa. If a post reply has page, you may not need to reply. Because the search engine almost abandoned. Even if to capture its quality has been greatly reduced, don’t waste time on this. Emphasize that post must comply with the rules, do not necessarily have to get a post anchor text or URL links and articles in the signature of the effect is the same. Belong to the inside pages. read more

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Why Shanghai dragon Er have transformation Shanghai dragon really has been a dead end

now purely to do more and more people in Shanghai Longfeng less, many people began to shake the Shanghai dragon a try in other areas, mainly mining more network marketing way. But some not into the deep Shanghai dragon Er will simply switch to leave the internet.

1, the popularity of social networks

, 3 other factors< >

of Shanghai Longfeng sentiment is not only the result of downhearted love Shanghai love Shanghai update, update only the direct reason, deep reasons have to return to the change of China Internet environment, mainly from the following aspects: read more

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Keep updating the content of a link occasionally ranks steadily

site optimization is very exquisite, the station optimization well, using the general layout is more effective, enterprise website content layout, Title

two, Links exchange

do well in the station optimization, updating the content mainly for industry related articles published, according to their title, a title to be, the network has no title, the content is the same, so there is also included for the. You can link several key words acquisition man I randomly inserted in the article, which would also help improve keyword ranking. The article is readable, just a few key words will appear randomly links only. But I think these articles will have customers to peruse, also do the basic search rankings. read more

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How to avoid the site is down right

optimization excessive, too dense, this is also the reason is right down. Such a short time to add a similar article too much (to eat dead in this spider?), a short period of time to buy too many bright chain, adding speed of the chain too fast. Large area sends the low quality of the chain by bridge obtain flow, all these means, don’t play with fire, fire site will be right down, even by the K. Don’t think, spend a month to row to the first page, do Shanghai dragon, is to rely on time to wear. Do not reliable ranking, a short time after the ranking is up, read more

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No burden do not seek subversion 90 CEO talk about nternet start upsOther people’s 54 Youth Day H

for this investment opportunity, I worked for two years, but there is no profit, low wages, is still in the business street, see color, need to rely on the stock and financial support to

as a newly graduated college student, after 90, in the process of entrepreneurship, the first problem encountered is that there is no work experience. Many people, including myself, have wasted a lot of time because of the cycle of employment that has been confined to this business. In fact, in retrospect, entrepreneurship and employment are totally two different forms, although the two have in common, but the characteristics are different. read more

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mprove the chain website ranking do you know how to do

then estimated to ask a friend, so we do when the chain number is required? This problem before we have said before, the number is only a numerical it cannot be completely summarized out of the rankings chain. The new era of the chain link, we want not quantity but quality, which is why many ranking good sites, >

chain in the new era is approaching, we should how to make websites ranked outside the chain of

we need to understand the chain into the chain and not readable chain. The chain is readable can be included in a search engine to identify links, and not have to read the chain is generally in the fusion of JS code, can not be read. But these can not be the chain is not Nothing is right., they belong to the website marketing means, but no effect on the rankings. In this regard, we should be aware of, to enhance the readability of the website ranking will be outside the chain. read more

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To build the network brand construction and improve the efficiency of network marketing

product is the core content of the enterprise, the network brand construction requires a good product, not for users to remember the brand construction of nouns, but in order to allow the user to see the brand noun, think of a good brand, high quality and high performance products. Have a good product with good brand reputation, it will be a successful marketing campaign. If only has a good reputation, not only relying on efficient products, ended in failure. Such as China Mobile launched Fetion software, although has a strong brand, but so far has been forgotten by the user, has been replaced by WeChat. Instead, WeChat is a Tencent Inc created by the mobile Internet, WeChat has the function of real-time communication function, loved by the majority of users, many of the plug-in function also allows users to shake, this is the strength of the brand. Therefore, the brand name behind the meaning is the real brand value. read more

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Lu Songsong stop soso is included

Sogou soso alternative site search after a full-scale takeover of Tencent, has accelerated the demise of the search. Through the above can be seen from the 15 day (Friday), has not increased by soso.

has been in the state of search seems to disappear, may have no one to maintain it.

‘s recent search site, found that the search has been for several days did not include any site, SITE site without any content, thought to be K station, but later found that even Sina, NetEase site also does not come out, but the search can search to understand this, the search has included a stop. read more

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Analysis of users love Shanghai search engine optimization guide experience

this article for the squid meal original blog, please indicate the source 贵族宝贝haofa023贵族宝贝/post/12.html

"love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" presumably webmasters are not unfamiliar, but very many owners are not serious to look at the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide" the love of Shanghai official optimization guide, many webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng personnel, especially in Shanghai Longfeng for more than 2 years of people, think your experience, it is not to look at the "love Shanghai search engine optimization guide", the squid meal want to say is that the search engine in the upgrade, the webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng researchers should also upgrade their professional knowledge, now love Shanghai has admitted the website of Shanghai dragon, and released an official guide. To tell the truth, to the webmaster is really a good news, I do not say nonsense, I see here is about an experience of the guide on the analysis. read more

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Shanghai dragon needs to grasp the simple rules

what is the high quality the chain

Shanghai dragon is actually a lot of change, it is important to master the rules and laws of Shanghai dragon is certainly cannot do without the overall layout of high quality original articles and high quality of the chain and the site.

website how to layout the most conducive to Shanghai dragon

pseudo static need to select more vocabulary, but not too rigid for the whole article looks very smooth, some words change appropriate, or at the beginning and end to the original text, certainly must have the correlation and the whole content of this article, again love sea is the most difficult to optimize the search engine, the reason is it is intelligent, like spider man’s brain, and not as good as Google optimization. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng project results driven three stages analysis by using the data of the Shanghai Dra

5, site wide opportunities (

additional content needs to be added to the website


long tail keywords new points to the current target keyword


keyword anchor textThe potential change of page

1, the new keyword recognition

global navigation



keyword has the ability to bring significant revenue

4, internal links

opportunity analysis

web content, web page title and

One of the success of the online opportunities

identification of Shanghai dragon is mapped to the target. The most basic activities every year is received attention, brand and non brand flow is decided caused by exact matching and long tail traffic flow. In addition, the usual practice is to use the traffic and conversion rates and incomes. This will show a good performance of the Shanghai dragon to you. read more

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Ask what the Shanghai dragon play skills decide on what path to follow

if you give an enterprise website ranking, Shanghai dragon, the purpose of this site is to own keyword sales, so the ranking is a factor, because a lot of people through the love sea to find such a product, which is what we call the target customers, according to the website, so do the ranking is very if necessary, and here comes the ranking, I believe that many Internet companies are subordinate to the main significance is the growth target, their task is simply to give the enterprises some key words flow of this website (ranked only can, but no other treatment). read more

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The fat man is how to do the second Beijing Shanghai Dragon

A, the ranking of the rival:

Some of the basic situation of

1, Shanghai dragon fat blog

YAHOO snapshot>

2, Beijing Shanghai dragon rival

has been the general requirements of Shanghai Longfeng are within 3 months on the home page, if anyone can cut down the time will be very good, but the fat man since the beginning of the May to July blog, head home, within two months of the term Beijing Shanghai dragon do on the home page it is quite hard. Several basic situation first we look at the following: read more

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The construction of the chain of view from the nature of the site

2. from the user’s point of view


we are the owners need direct access to traffic so we do love from the sea.

many novice webmaster in site within the chain, just put all the optimization and website related keywords to the home page chain. Even more as long as the site keywords place chain to the home page, which is not very desirable. Bad luck love Shanghai will think you cheating your website k that will anchor text keywords best The loss outweighs the gain., so diverse, and appeared in the first link can not do it all on the link. Imagine when you browse a web page article in this article as long as the website keyword place chain to the home page you will feel what is read more

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Python language quick start tutorial

did not express clearly what could not understand, please help forward. The first time to write a complete program tutorial, inevitably there are omissions.

If the

this is for Shanghai dragon population Python language tutorial program, no program is also applicable to other basis but want to learn some simple procedures, in order to solve the practical needs of the crowd. In the back will try to use the most basic way to introduce this language.

if anyone is in contact with the C language inside the university curriculum but don’t know much about the procedure, may feel that the program is like C so much trouble, in fact, after learning with the beauty of the Python code C code will know long and smelly. If no contact program also never mind, Python itself as the procedures for entry. read more

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Taught you how to love the Shanghai index query used in the extreme

index profile: is to display the keyword search volume, the index of the higher difficulty in competition, but love Shanghai index is not accurate data, we can serve as the most important reference: search number less than 100: belong to the competition of smaller; search times: 100-300 belongs to the average small; the number of searches: 300-500 belong to medium; 500-1000: the number of searches on the middle part of the search; the number of more than 1000: belong to difficult words. Take Shanghai dragon is difficult words, if the word is certainly not a direct optimization. read more

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Shanghai dragon is a pseudo Technology

is less than a month’s time, in the Shanghai dragon, I work only two aspects.

second is to insist on. Exchange Links is a continuous process, especially for new sites. So take it as a task, spend some time every day to communicate with the target site webmaster. Even if only one day to exchange one, 10 days can also exchange to 10. In addition, there is also a spirit of new weights we lost to all sense of shame, too low, and the weight of high standing on a chain, being rejected is a normal thing, so don’t talk about a few failed to give up. The Internet, the website is. read more

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The four main causes of operation failure analysis novice PPC advertising

two: the choice of keywords is not accurate

novice operation PPC ads is PPC keywords from selection for conversion rate is not high, it will cause sometimes the day consumed two hundred or three hundred pieces of advertising but did not receive any of a list. So for the novice how to more accurate selection of PPC keywords. Here I suggest we directly put products in the brand keywords on the key words. For example, you select the weight-loss drug P57. Then you put the product keywords keywords is related to P57. The P57 related keywords all into the phrase match. read more

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