The website title and description of the optimization method

title and description, try not to use special symbols too much, but do not often change. No matter what the station, the first to do the planning, do every step of the arrangements. If you set the keywords and title, the website was pastebin. This website then keywords adjustment, will make the site into the yarn box, or to be included in the list of sites that do not trust. Description on the website title as the center, with a three hundred and sixty degree rotation mode, with one or two simple words, can be described. read more

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Then how to quickly increase the chain of love Shanghai


my original website outreach rarely, added a lot of check yesterday. Most of them are the signature of the chain. Part of it is because I have a habit to sign the webmaster forum every day, then reply to recent posts. This chain is recently left, some articles are not published a long time ago, because I was without the site’s signature, now take on, wait until the update, all have. So you have to take a high level, experienced grade is through the post and reply to, these are the premise. read more

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