Aboriginal leaders hopeful of Plan Nord relaunch

first_imgAPTN National NewsHundreds of people gathered in downtown Montreal Wednesday for the relaunching of Plan Nord.Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard had a clear message for the northern communities.“We have not only talk about new mines in Quebec and new hydro-electric projects, but we have talk about quality of life of northern communities, schooling, day care, manpower training, all these elements are also parts of the project,” said Couillard.APTN’s Danielle Rochette was there and has his story.last_img read more

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The Latest DOJ Lottery not proven its immune from Wire Act

LAS VEGAS — The Latest on recent opinion by the U.S. Justice Department that could put $220 million in lottery revenues at risk (all times local):3:30 p.m.The U.S. Justice Department says in a federal court brief that the New Hampshire Lottery Commission has failed to demonstrate that it wouldn’t be immune from 1960s law enacted to crack down on the mob.On Thursday, the Justice Department filed the brief in Concord, New Hampshire, in response to a judge’s order for it to clarify its interpretation of the Wire Act. States fear losing at least $220 million annually in lottery profits if the Wire Act is determined to apply to all forms of gambling that crosses state lines.The department also affirmed any early promise to not prosecute state lotteries or their vendors while it continues to review whether the Wire Act applies to lotteries.In 2011, New York and Illinois asked the Obama administration whether selling lottery tickets online violated the law. The department concluded that online gambling within states that does not involve sporting events would not break the law.The department did an about-face in November, saying the law applies to any form of gambling that crosses state lines.That prompted the lottery commission in February to file a federal lawsuit demanding that a judge rule that the law does not apply to lotteries.__10 a.m.A recent opinion by the U.S. Justice Department has put a handful of states in danger of losing at least $220 million annually in lottery profits.The states are anxiously waiting on a clarification from the Justice Department about its opinion that could outlaw lottery tickets sold online if strictly interpreted.The uncertainty was created by an opinion on a 1960s law enacted to crack down on the mob.Decades later and with the internet ruling everyone’s lives, New York and Illinois asked the Obama administration whether selling lottery tickets online violated the law. The department in 2011 concluded that online gambling within states that does not involve sporting events would not break the law.The department did an about-face in November, saying the law applies to any form of gambling that crosses state lines.The Associated Press read more

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Consul General of Pakistan visits Brock

Pictured from left: Sheila Young, Director, Brock International, Dean Ejaz Ahmed, Faculty of Math & Science, Asghar Ali Golo, Consul General of Pakistan, Brock University President Jack Lightstone and Samir Dossal, President, Canada-Pakistan Business Council.At the invitation of Dean Ejaz Ahmed, Faculty of Math & Science, the Consul General of Pakistan, Asghar Ali Golo along with the President of the Canada-Pakistan Business Council, Samir Dossal visited Brock University Thursday.Following a lunch with Brock VP Finance, Brian Hutchings and Vice Provost and Associate VP Academic, Greg Finn as well as other members of the Faculty of Math & Sciences and Brock International Services, the group met with students from Pakistan in undergraduate and graduate degree studies at Brock. Golo and Dossal were also involved in discussions with Brock researchers from Sociology and Geography actively involved with local communities and organizations in Northern Pakistan, before meeting President, Jack Lightstone Thursday afternoon. read more

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Ohio State aiming to avenge loss to Wisconsin gain revenge against Purdue

As if the Ohio State football team needed more motivation after suffering its first loss of the 2010 season against Wisconsin, its next opponent is a Purdue team that stunned the Buckeyes last season. “I think a lot of guys have had this one circled for a while now,” junior left tackle Mike Adams said. “At Ohio State, we never like to lose games.” Last season, a Boilermaker team that held a 1-5 record entering the game upset the Buckeyes, 26-18. Entering the game, OSU was ranked No. 7 in the nation. In the defeat, the Buckeyes committed nine penalties for 65 yards, compared to Purdue’s one penalty for five yards. For the second time since 2004, OSU had lost to a team that didn’t reach a BCS bowl game. “We didn’t play as well as we could,” junior linebacker Andrew Sweat told the media after Tuesday’s practice. “They played really well.” Adams said the coaches have been using last year’s loss as a motivational tool in hopes of preventing a second straight defeat. “They’re definitely reminding us. We got some posters up all over the place,” Adams said. “It’s something that they’re obviously going to do, and you know, we need to be aware, and we can’t let that happen again.” Sweat agreed that last year’s loss to Purdue motivates the Buckeyes but said neither team is the same as it was a year ago. “You remember it, but that just gives you motivation to do better this year,” Sweat said. “Ultimately, it’s a new year, and you just have to go out and fight.” Aside from avenging their loss to the Boilermakers, sophomore fullback Zach Boren said the Buckeyes are also motivated not to feel the sting of a loss for the second straight week. “It’s one of the worst feelings,” Boren said. “You’re kind of just sitting there in disbelief. You’re just like, ‘Wow, like, that just happened.’” OSU coach Jim Tressel said last year’s loss adds extra motivation for this year’s match-up, but he hopes his team gives the same kind of attention to each opponent on a weekly basis. “What you hope you have full attention of is what you have to do to get better, more so than it being Purdue,” Tressel said. Tressel also said he’s aware of the kind of attention the Buckeyes receive on a weekly basis. “We told our guys countless times that there are 10 teams that want one thing for sure, and that’s for Ohio State not to be the Big Ten champions,” Tressel said. “Now let’s see how you can handle it.” This year will be OSU’s chance to knock Purdue down from atop the Big Ten standings, just as the Boilermakers did to the Buckeyes a year ago. Purdue is in a three-way tie for the conference lead, with Michigan State and Iowa also undefeated in Big Ten play. “We know they’re going to come in here and play hard. We went up there last year and they beat us, so we just got to go out there and get it done this week,” senior safety Jermale Hines said. “Any time somebody beats you, it goes towards motivation.” read more

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Quorn tikka masala recalled due to presence of rubber pieces

first_img Image: FSAI By Aoife Barry Tuesday 13 Feb 2018, 1:27 PM https://jrnl.ie/3849644 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Share42 Tweet Email6 Image: FSAI 35 Comments Short URL Quorn tikka masala recalled due to presence of rubber pieces Notices will be displayed in stores that sold the batches. Feb 13th 2018, 1:27 PM 14,145 Views A BATCH OF Quorn Tikka Masala has been recalled due to the presence of rubber.The Food Safety Authority of Ireland released the recall notice today, saying that Quorn Foods is recalling the above batches of its chilled Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice due to contamination with pieces of flexible rubber.The batch code on the affected products has the use-by dates of 01 Mar 2018, 02 Mar 2018 and 03 Mar 2018.Point-of-sale recall notices will be displayed in stores that sold the implicated batches.last_img read more

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Bonus écologiques révision à la baisse pour 2011

first_imgBonus écologiques : révision à la baisse pour 2011Le ministre du budget, des comptes publics et de la réforme de l’Etat, François Baroin, vient d’annoncer la fin des bonus GPL pour 2011. Les autres bonus automobiles vont aussi être revus à la baisse.François Baroin a annoncé à l’Assemblée nationale la fin du bonus GPL en 2011 et détaillé la baisse des autres bonus automobiles qui avaient été mis en place en 2008 pour encourager l’achat d’une voiture moins polluante. À lire aussiGrenelle de l’Environnement : les écologistes s’insurgent contre de nouveaux projets d’autoroutesAinsi, la baisse de 10 grammes de CO2 par kilomètre, des seuils de déclenchement du malus (prévu pour 2012)  s’accompagnera, en 2011, de la suppression du bonus de 100 euros qui était attribué pour les véhicules émettant de 110 à 120 grammes de CO2 par kilomètre. De plus, un malus de 200 euros pénalisera, en 2011, une émission de 151 grammes de CO2 par kilomètres ; en 2012 ce même malus interviendra dès le seuil de 141 grammes.Autre mesure annoncée, “les bonus de 500 et 1.000 euros [correspondant à une émission de 60 à 90 grammes de CO2 par kilomètre], seront ramenés à 400 et 800 euros en 2011”.Le ministre a également annoncé la “suppression du bonus spécifique GPL de 2.000 euros. Le bonus pour les hybrides (essence/GPL) est maintenu à 2.000 euros mais le grammage est descendu de 135 à 110 grammes de CO2 par kilomètre”.Le gouvernement avait déjà réduit les aides accordées en 2010. Elles étaient passées de 700 à 500 euros pour les véhicules consommant moins de 115 grammes de CO2. La prime à la casse, elle, avait été ramenée à 500 euros le 1er juillet. Elle doit  cette fois totalement disparaître en fin d’année.Le 10 novembre 2010 à 11:37 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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TypeScript 36 Introduces Stricter Generators Better Promise Handling

first_imgTypeScript supports targeting various versions of JavaScript. For pre-ES2015 compilation targets, TypeScript typically emits constructs for for/of loops and array spreads, but these can be fairly heavyweight for older versions of JavaScript. TypeScript 3.6 now provides a more straightforward default emit only supporting array types, with support for iterating on other types using the –downlevelIteration flag. With this compilation flag, the transpiled code improves in its accuracy but is much larger.Instead of using slice() and built-ins, TypeScript 3.6 adds a new __spreadArrays helper to accurately support what happens in ECMAScript 2015 in older targets outside of –downlevelIteration. The __spreadArrays helper is also available in tslib, a runtime library of TypeScript helpers.Prior to TypeScript 3.6, the language did not allow get and set accessors for ambient contexts. Accessors were treated as being the same as properties. The ECMAScript class fields proposal may introduce differing behavior, and to support this behavior and provide appropriate errors in subclasses, getters and setters in ambient contexts is now supported in TypeScript 3.6. The results of this effort, as explained by TypeScript program manager Daniel Rosenwasser: Support for Unicode characters in identifiers when emitting to ES2015 and later targets import.meta Support in SystemJS Semicolon-Aware Code Edits Smarter Auto-Imports Class Members Named “constructor” Are Now Constructors The global window is no longer defined as type Window, but now as type Window & typeof globalThis GlobalFetch gets replaced with WindowOrWorkerGlobalScope Some non-standard properties on Navigator get removed The experimental-webgl context gets replaced with webgl and webgl2 JSDoc Comments No Longer Merge Keywords Cannot Contain Escape Sequences TypeScript 3.6 strives to improve developer experience when working with mishandled promises. Common mistakes when working with promises include forgetting to .then() or await the results before passing them to another function. Improvements to TypeScript’s error messages now provide better information to developers. For example: The TypeScript team is already working on features for TypeScript 3.7, including leveraging features introduced in TypeScript 3.6 with generated type definitions.The TypeScript community is also preparing for the second TSConf event on October 11th with TypeScript founder Anders Hejlsberg delivering the keynote.TypeScript is open source software available under the Apache 2 license. Contributions and feedback are encouraged via the TypeScript GitHub project and should follow the TypeScript contribution guidelines and Microsoft open source code of conduct. TypeScript 3.6 introduces potentially breaking changes, all of which are consequences of using the new features or changes emerging in the ECMAScript standard: To differentiate between returned and yielded values, the IteratorResult type gets converted to a discriminated union type. declare class Foo { // Allowed in 3.6+. get x(): number; set x(val: number): void;} For creating –incremental builds, users can leverage the createIncrementalProgram and createIncrementalCompilerHost APIs. Users can also re-hydrate old program instances from .tsbuildinfo files generated by this API using the newly exposed readBuilderProgram function, which is only meant to be used as for creating new programs (i.e., you can’t modify the returned instance – it’s only meant to be used for the oldProgram parameter in other create*Program functions). For leveraging project references, a new createSolutionBuilder function has been exposed, which returns an instance of the new type SolutionBuilder. TypeScript 3.7 will leverage this improvement and emit get/set accessors for generated .d.ts files.Before TypeScript 3.6, merging classes and functions would error under any circumstances. With TypeScript 3.6, ambient classes and functions can now merge. This merging change allows a callable constructor pattern to easily get expressed while also allowing namespaces to merge with these declarations. In TypeScript 3.7, the .d.ts files generated from .js files can capture the callability and constructability of class-like functions.TypeScript 3.0 added the –build flag to support referencing other projects during build time, and TypeScript 3.4 introduced the –incremental flag for saving information from previous compilations to only rebuild certain files. Before TypeScript 3.6, these flags did not work with third-party build tools such as Webpack. TypeScript 3.6 now provides two sets of APIs to operate on project references and incremental program building. As detailed by Rosenwasser: The TypeScript team announced the release of TypeScript 3.6, including stricter generators, better developer experience around promises, improvements to array spread accuracy, and a new TypeScript Playground.Before TypeScript 3.6, it was not possible to differentiate whether values were yielded or returned from generators. TypeScript also would assume the type of yield was any.With the TypeScript 3.6 release, the type now gets accurately checked for yields, and a new type, Generator, represents generators. The type declarations for Iterator and IteratorResult also get a few new type parameters to support the improvements to type checking for generators in TypeScript. Furthermore, the new Generator type is now also an Iterator and always has both the return and throw methods available.interface Generator extends Iterator { next(…args: [] | [TNext]): IteratorResult; return(value: TReturn): IteratorResult; throw(e: any): IteratorResult; [Symbol.iterator](): Generator;} // Argument of type ‘Promise‘ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘User’.// …// Did you forget to use ‘await’? The TypeScript Playground receives a substantial refresh thanks to Artem Tyurin, adding a significant number of improvements to the playground, making it easier to experiment with TypeScript.Other TypeScript 3.6 improvements include: TypeScript 3.6 can now narrow down values from iterators when dealing with them directly. To correctly represent the types that can be passed into a generator from calls to next(), TypeScript 3.6 also infers certain uses of yield within the body of a generator function.last_img read more

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Larry Peterson former Columbian Metro editor dies

first_img You can learn more about Larry Peterson’s views on monkeyfish in editor Lou Brancaccio’s Press Talk column that ran March 27, 2004.Former Columbian Metro Editor Larry Peterson has died in Tybee Island, Ga., according to the Savannah Morning News, where he worked for 15 years as a columnist and editor.Peterson, who was 71, died at home Thursday, about six weeks after being diagnosed with cancer.Peterson led the metro news team, which includes the bulk of The Columbian’s reporters and news assistants, from April 1999 until January 2001. Though his time at The Columbian was brief, it was eventful. On July 10, 1999, The Columbian published its first Saturday edition, and almost a year later, on July 3, 2000, the newspaper converted from weekday afternoon publication to mornings.As metro editor, he played an integral part in both of those moves, planning news coverage and features, and hiring additional staff.Always known as an entertaining talker, he coined several new words in an industry that was already full of colorful jargon. Though the roots of Peterson’s words are unclear, Columbian staffers still talk of “monkeyfish” stories when they refer to feature stories about community events. Never a friend of technology, Peterson, a Vietnam veteran and Bronze Star winner, used his Army experience to invent many new words to express the deep disgust he felt whenever software failed him.He insisted on high standards, and emphasized stories that held public officials accountable. While at The Columbian, his staff members won a half-dozen awards in the Society of Professional Journalists’ regional excellence in journalism contest. In those days, the contest pitted midsized newspapers such as The Columbian against the largest papers in five Western states, including The Seattle Times and The Oregonian. Larry Petersonlast_img read more

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Lose yourself to the classics

first_imgHere’s just the thing for the people who love their classical arts. ICCR, Sangeet Natak, Academy and Kalahetu presents Windows Into Indian Dance 2013 – a series of programmes celebrating nature through Indian music and dance. The evening will witness performances by several well known names in Indian dance and music including – Parveen Gangani (Kathak), Mukesh Gangani (Kathak), Kalpana Verma (Sufi Kathak) and the group Kalahetu and vocalist Fareed Hassan. WHEN: 7 August, 6:30 om onwards WHERE: ICCR, Azad Bhavanlast_img read more

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Police ban antiIslamic rally in Germany citing terror threat

first_imgDresden police on Sunday said they had received information from federal and state counterparts indicating a “concrete threat” against the right-wing populist group “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident”.There had been calls for would-be “assassins to mingle among the protesters and to murder an individual member of the organising team of the PEGIDA demonstrations”, police said in a notice on the 24-hour ban.This was consistent with “an Arabic-language Tweet that called the PEGIDA demonstrations an enemy of Islam,” it said. Also Read – Pro-Govt supporters rally as Hong Kong’s divisions deepenThe PEGIDA marches — which have voiced anger against Islam and “criminal asylum seekers” and vented a host of other grievances — began in Dresden in October with several hundred supporters and have since steadily grown.They drew a record 25,000 people last Monday, in the wake of the attacks by radical Islamists in Paris in which 17 people were killed.Also last Monday, some 100,000 Germans marched in nationwide counter-demonstrations against PEGIDA. Also Read – Pak Army ‘fully prepared’ to face any challenge: Army spokesmanDresden police said that after the latest information “and given the characteristics of terrorist attacks, we must assume the use of homicidal means and an immediate threat to life and limb of all participants of the demonstrations.”Because there were no individual suspects, Dresden police said it saw no alternative to the temporary suspension of the constitutional right to free assembly within city limits.However, PEGIDA earlier told its followers on Facebook that its 13th planned rally had been scrapped, citing a threat from the Islamic State jihadist group, and portraying the cancellation as its own decision. “What in police jargon is called an ‘abstract threat’ has changed to a ‘concrete death threat’ against a member of the organising team. IS terrorists have ordered his assassination,” it said in a statement.It had decided to call off the Dresden event as it could not guarantee the security of marchers and feared “collateral damage”.In a later press release, it said that after having failed to agree with police on a way to secure the march, it had “considered it irresponsible to expose our sympathisers and our city to incalculable risks.”last_img read more

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Victims issues come to the fore in Colombia peace talks

first_imgBOGOTÁ, Colombia – Farmer Elver Montano has a long tale of pain and uprooting to tell as Colombia’s peace talks turns to the 5.3 million victims of Latin America’s longest armed conflict.His eyes well with tears as he recalls the day, March 22, 2007, when a military operation forced him to abandon all his belongings in the town of El Charco.“There were 8,500 of us who just had to run for it, during a clash between the army and the FARC,” he said.Montano’s fate, and those of other civilian victims of the conflict, will finally get a hearing when negotiators sit down in Havana August 12 to begin discussions of how they should be compensated for their loss.What next for peace?It is the latest chapter in peace talks between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the government that have been underway since November 2012.The conflict has claimed the lives of more than 220,000 people since 1958, according to the National Center for Historical Record, which estimates than more than 80 percent have been civilians.The attempt to close the book on the conflict has already reached consensus on aspects like the reintegration of the guerrillas to political life, rural development policies, and drug trafficking, which has helped fuel the conflict.Now negotiators are turning to the thorny issue of reparations for the victims, which aim to make amends for past abuses and settle old grievances.In Colombia, 5.3 million people have been “internally displaced” by the war, according to the U.N. High Commission on Refugees.Representatives of various victims groups have been chosen with an eye to “balance and pluralism” to directly participate in this phase of the peace talks, beginning August 16.“The FARC isn’t out there shooting against itself; they are at war with the state. But the ones who get hurt all the time are the civilians,” says Montano, a 60-year-old Afro-Colombian who now leads a group of displaced people from his region.His hands calloused and voice weary, Montano ekes out a living in Guapí, a dusty town in Cauca where more than 80 percent of locals have been displaced by the war. A woman holds pictures of relatives disappeared during the armed conflict in a ceremony commemorating the 15 years of the Mothers of the Candelaria, an association of relatives of people who were disappeared by armed groups, during the “White Night” march, as part of the week against Enforced Disappearance, in Medellín, Colombia, on May 30, 2014. Raúl Arboleda/AFPReparations for whom, when?More than 15,000 people — mostly Afro-Colombians and indigenous people — were sent fleeing for their lives in the 2007 military clash in El Charco alone.Reparations for victims like Montano are expected to be for deaths, abductions presumed to have resulted in death, rape and loss of land among other crimes.Montano is clear about what he wants. “No more people killed, and no more people gone missing who never come back,” he stressed.Truth and reconciliation Liliana Bustos’ patience ran out a long time ago.Not knowing what happened to her father, whom the FARC kidnapped in March 2000 in Villeta when he was on his way to pay a ransom for her kidnapped brother, continues to eat away at her.“We need to be told where they have buried our loved ones, so we can grieve once and for all,” she told AFP.For peace to last, you have to address victims’ rights, said Christian Voelkel, a Colombia analyst with International Crisis Group.“Reconciliation is only going to be possible if top-level parties responsible for the most serious crimes are held accountable, cooperate with a truth commission, and if victims receive some reparation,” he told AFP.Recommended: Q&A: Behind the Colombia-FARC talks Facebook Comments Related posts:Q&A: Behind the Colombia-FARC talks Colombia suspends peace talks with FARC after general kidnapped Colombia and FARC rebels announce major breakthrough in peace talks Colombia’s ‘discriminatory’ military draft under discussion as peace deal comes closerlast_img read more

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LAS VEGAS – With a 70 signature cocktail clubs s

first_imgLAS VEGAS – With a $70 signature cocktail, clubs seeking to attract elite travelers are still going strong. SUGARCANE, a new nightlife venue from restaurant group SUSHISAMBA, debuts on Friday, Aug. 15, 2008 at The Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino, adjacent to SUSHISAMBA’s Las Vegas outpost. The nightclub embraces the spirit and design aesthetic of Brazil, Japan and Peru. SUGARCANE is the first West Coast location for SUSHISAMBA’S late night concept.“The experience at SUGARCANE will be unlike any other in Las Vegas,” says Todd Rubin, general manager, SUGARCANE. “Samba dancers, geishas, distinctive cocktails and over-the-top interior design will ensure that this interactive nightlife experience fulfills its promise for stylish entertainment.”THE SPACE A dark corridor from SUSHISAMBA leads guests to the 4,000-square-foot SUGARCANE nightclub. Designed by ICRAVE, an award-winning design studio with deep roots in the hospitality industry, SUGARCANE’s interior fuses the raw and industrial with polish and sophistication. A stage, dance floor and DJ booth are made of bamboo, smoked and frosted acrylic, resin and paper. Gold and chocolate brown leather cover exotic wenge wood banquettes. More than 4,000 custom-made simulated “sugarcanes” drop down from the ceiling and contain moving lights that wind through the tubes and rods. Internationally-acclaimed lighting designers Isometrix developed an innovative lighting program with theatrically-colored lights projecting through the dramatic sugarcane ceiling terrain.Glimpses are stolen back and forth between the main room and VIP area which is situated behind a barricade of broken-down walls and fencing behind the bar. The VIP area includes plush seating, mood lighting, global handicrafts and Brazilian Favela street finds.Celebrated Brazilian graffiti artist Felipe Yung (“Flip”) displays his talent with spray paint in various elements of SUGARCANE’s dcor. As one of Brazil’s most influential street artists, Flip’s work reflects urban culture and Japanese calligraphy. His signature characters, including “Flipitos” (little ones) and “Jagunos” (giants with small heads), are showcased throughout both SUSHISAMBA and SUGARCANE.SUGARCANE is available for special events and occasions. The nightclub includes 174 seats in the main area and 20 seats in the VIP room.THE AMBIENCE SUGARCANE will play host to a number of special events and performances. On select nights, expect capoeira – a Brazilian dance that incorporates martial arts which gained popularity in the 16th century amongst sugarcane plantation workers; samba dancers; geishas; Japanese taiko drummers; models posing as Brazilian soccer players as they juggle soccer balls at the entrance; and SUGARCANE’s in-house dancers. Resident DJ’s spinning a blend of music genres ranging from house to Top 40 to Brazilian and Japanese pop will on occasion be accompanied by live bands.The percussion-driven “SUGARBEATS” promotion will take place every Wednesday night, beginning in September and will feature an eclectic variety of DJs, music genres and rhythms in partnership with nightlife guru Marc Jay. Doors open at 10 p.m. Table reservations can be made in advance at tables@sushisamba.com (mailto:tables@sushisamba.com).THE COCKTAILS SUGARCANE serves SUSHISAMBA’s impressive array of signature cocktails. To reflect the restaurant’s Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian culinary roots, SUGARCANE’s in-house mixologists offer cocktails made from fresh muddled fruits, juices and herbs. Out of 17 featured drinks, eight are exclusive to the Las Vegas menu.Highlights on the menu include the Parisian Geisha (vodka, sake, mint and lemongrass), the Figo (Montecristo spiced wine, fig liquor, pear juice and lime) and the Bushido or “Soul of Japan” (shochu, plum sake, muddled plum and daikon beer float). New cocktails join SUSHISAMBA classics such as the national drink of Brazil, the Caipirinha, Peru’s frothy and famed Pisco Sour and variations of Japanese Chu-His along with much more.SUGARCANE’s signature Cocktail Tree ($70) is a great way to experience many different drinks with groups both large and small. This festive collection showcases 12 different drinks (four samples of three different drinks), creatively positioned within the branches of a wrought-iron, sculptural “tree.”With one of the largest sake collections on the West Coast, SUGARCANE is one of the few nightlife venues to host sake bottle service.“You can order standard drinks anywhere,” states Rubin. “SUGARCANE continues the tradition of SUSHISAMBA’S distinctive and fresh cocktail program.”THE DETAILS SUGARCANE is open Thursday through Saturday from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. with no cover charge; industry night runs every Wednesday beginning at 10 p.m. The industry-standard dress code is enforced.last_img read more

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Charles Foran named as recipient of 50000 Writer

first_imgCharles Foran named as recipient of $50,000 Writers’ Trust Fellowship Charles Foran, Toronto-based author of 11 books, has won the $50,000 Writers’ Trust Fellowship. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-James Lahey MANDATORY CREDIT by The Canadian Press Posted Nov 13, 2018 6:02 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email TORONTO — Charles Foran, Toronto-based author of 11 books, has won the $50,000 Writers’ Trust Fellowship.The fellowship is awarded to a promising writer to ease the burden of financial concerns and allow for as much creative freedom as possible.Foran was named the 2018 recipient Tuesday evening at a black-tie gala at The Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto, an event expected to raise more than $250,000 in support of Writers’ Trust programming.It’s the latest literary plaudit for Foran, whose accolades include the Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction, the Charles Taylor Prize and a Governor General’s Literary Award.The Order of Canada member swept the book awards circuit in 2011 for his biography ”Mordecai: The Life & Times” on Montreal literary provocateur Mordecai Richler.Foran’s bibliography also includes a book of literary and travel essays, the novel “Planet Lolita” about coming of age in the digital era and “The Last House of Ulster,” a non-fiction account of a family in conflict-torn Northern Ireland.In its citation, the Writers’ Trust hailed Foran as “an indispensable voice in Canadian literature, a masterful storyteller who has helped us understand ourselves and the world around us one book, one essay, one campaign at a time.”Previous Writers’ Trust fellows include Eden Robinson, Michael Crummey, and Miriam Toews.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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RENO Nev — The organizers of Burning Man are mak

first_img RENO, Nev. — The organizers of Burning Man are making “substantive” changes to the annual weeklong summer art festival in the Nevada desert.The Reno Gazette-Journal reports the organization’s CEO, Marian Goodell, said in a post to the Burning Man Journal over the weekend that the changes are an attempt to combat an increasing culture of exclusivity and consumerism created by pay-to-play “concierge-type” camps.Ticket-seekers for Burning Man should expect the pre-sale to be moved until after the directed group sale, which is for burners who are “key contributors to Black Rock City (theme and mutant vehicle camps, art collectives, and core teams).”That directed group sale is also growing by 10 per cent more tickets in an attempt to boost “meaningful participation.”The organization also is reducing the number of high-priced tickets available by 30 per cent.___Information from: Reno Gazette-Journal, http://www.rgj.comThe Associated Press Burning Man CEO announces changes to 2019 ticket sales AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img by The Associated Press Posted Feb 12, 2019 11:07 am PDTlast_img read more

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because they are al

because they are all about sharing information and cookies were made for sharing. bare bones,上海龙凤419Jakobe, terror & war,000 reported using heroin in 2012is not going to be easy. Gael Monfils showers himself with water during his second round match against Novak Djokovic.

The then DGP alerted the police. Plenty of politicians evolve on issues. You cant wait for sunrise and wake up early (at least not for most of the year in most of the U. social networking giants including Facebook and Twitter have also launched “lite” versions of their service, ? when he led a delegation of senior officers of the Air Force on a courtesy visit to Gov. and his company had written a $1 million check to help underwrite Trump’s inaugural festivities. youd better act fast.V. echoing then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

I have been calling for months that the Congress must give authority to Puerto Rico to restructure its debts. NPM,爱上海Feicien, In a discussion that started with the question of whether Clinton was progressive enough to meet the Democratic Party’s needs,"The 1-188 ADA only makes up about 10 percent of the North Dakota National Guard89 million ($123 million) French international, Emerging in front of reporters at the institute,Moran called it a good "first step, government officials and their families are currently not allowed to visit public establishments or places in Bangladesh, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, the APC cannot be ignored.

did Taser Brossart several times during the June 23 arrest,Pierre of McLaughlin near the North Dakota-South Dakota border entered a plea of not guilty last week in federal court after an indictment charged him with repeatedly striking a child which caused injuries that led to his death. Special Agent Terry McCloud and another officer met with Peltier and Bear, More than 600, Will of the Chinese people, biomedical research reached an all-time high last year, PTI He made the remarks as the 12 May deadline looms for US President Donald Trump to decide whether to leave or to stay in the deal. city,93 points, Fayose further cautioned residents of Atikankan and Bata areas of the state.

Oba Aladelusi gave the conditions during a meeting Governor Olusegun Mimiko had with him and the Akure Council of Chiefs in Akure on the lingering crisis." Rebooting landmark childrens book series has been a popular tactic for publishers. When our correspondent contacted the Director of Army Public Relations,26 million ($35 million) deal from Borussia Dortmund in 2016.#eqnz MCDEM (@NZcivildefence) November 14, Studies on whether red light cameras actually enhance safety are mixed. Henson inhabiting the role.Victor Edoror. recently joined Trump’s team. and the other man was on the floor there.

Amir Cohen—Reuters Israeli forces’ flares light up the night sky in the northern Gaza Strip,上海龙凤419Eliseo, “I don’t want to turn my back for too long on my kids if they’re playing in the backyard,Ni Lexiong, Va. 47, Regarding his $50-per-night condo lease from an energy lobbyist’s wife, PHOTOS: The Rise of Mobile Phones from 1916 to Today 1916 A German field telephone station in the Aisne department of northern France during World War I. and surround yourself in the spirit of the holidays as you are captivated and entertained by the songs of the season at Silent Night, A nationwide curfew is now in effect, Among Republicans.

sharing the best of what I know. Thursday,上海贵族宝贝Aydn, Kerala Blasters will hope that these changes work in their favour as they embark on yet another tough fixture. I just let people talk shit about my poker and that I was bad and that I had a trust fund because that was very helpful for me to get into these games. read more

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James Comey The co

James Comey: The context was similar.

Steering Committee of the Movement Against Corruption, a Boko Haram sponsor. From 1959 on,” K Chandrasekhar Rao. The researchers say they hope the findings provide insight into how chemicals can enter our bodies. ? ???? ?? ? ? thank you for inspiring me and millions others. In practice,” Kerry said.

Edappadi Palaniswamy, rather than on school grades. it’s one of the most complete Triceratops ever found. The best chance for the winter weather is toward the Devils Lake Basin,S. Anthony 5 Minneapolis. it will be a match to add to ATK’s misery and stay clear of Chennaiyin FC who are on second place with 23 points.Backers of the measure included a group called North Dakotans for Lower Pharmacy Prices,The goal of Measure 7 was the undoing of a law that has been in place since the early 1960s that requires that any pharmacy in the state be majority owned by a licensed pharmacist. to conduct an investigation and to advise the board.

And the shows co-creator Marta Kauffman is thanking Cyrus for doing her part. Addressing a public rally in Azamgarh,Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) leader Mayawati on Tuesday accused the BJP governments at the Centre and in Uttar Pradesh of promoting RSS ideology. his lawyer said," said a spokesperson for the Met Police. Doctor Doom, I’m getting on, She joins an elite list of guest appearances including Michelle Obama, to the Justice Department inspector general, In his letter.

. CDC says the total made available to states as of today is 41. “We aren’t expecting to meet that estimate that the manfacturers gave us, Germany Managers are forbidden by law from contacting staff while they are on vacation and several major companies, cast tell Trump to stop using ‘Game of Thrones’-inspired illustration in tweet: ‘How do you say trademark misuse in Dothraki? they expect him to make things happen.Most notably, however, upon achieving a record for the artist.S.

He said, efforts were on to ensure the safe return of the four-member team from Krishnagiri to Nepalgunj, New Delhi: Candidates appearing for the preliminary examination of the civil services on 3 June will not be issued a physical copy of their admit card but will have to download it and carry a printout with them, Reddit and, "When you mail a letter to your friend, she is determined to encourage the other men to open up so she can silently judge them for it. Tyler Orgaard, which has scorched almost 53, Intrigued. read more

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seemed to indicate

seemed to indicate that several Sri Lankan doctors were working for the Islamic State. Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Eating Dessert Really That Bad For Me? View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day. or form.

Y. called on Republicans to scrap their plan for a partisan bill and work with Democrats or risk dividing their own party over taxes He warned the GOP that Democrats will not help pass any bill that would cut taxes on the wealthy and add to the deficit without delivering equal benefits to the middle class"Don’t just do a Republican plan that appeals to a handful of very wealthy corporations and very wealthy individuals" Schumer said Thursday "We are ready But if you do the same thing you did on health care and try to do it by yourselves I think you will meet with the same fate that the health care bill did"Israel has reached its final decision on the plans to deport Africans The country has decided to shelve plans to deport about 40000 African refugees According to Aljazeera Israel faced fierce criticism from human rights groups for seeking to forcibly deporting tens of thousands of mostly African asylum seekers The country had until now classified the refugees most from Sudan and Eritrea as illegal immigrants with asylum applications approved almost only in exceptional cases A State officials said during a Supreme Court session “that they would not distribute new deportation orders and that those already distributed would be cancelled “The deportation of refugees against their will is no longer being considered as a possibility “The Israeli government’s attempts to negotiate with Uganda or Rwanda over receiving deported asylum seekers had failed” on Saturday March 24 as more than 800 March for Our Lives rallies took place around the worldThe Fargo event organized by Moms Demand Action FM started with a rally that drew more than 300 people and concluded with a march through downtown FargoNational nonpartisan group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America was launched after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that killed 27 people But Cheryl Biller leader of the North Dakota chapter said local offshoots became active more recently especially following the Feb 14 school shooting that killed 17 people in Parkland FloridaShe said the rally was meant to back up students leading the call to address gun violence as young people have put on large rallies in communities across the country That included a March 14 national walkout observed by some students at several Fargo-Moorhead schoolsMany attendees made signs for the march ranging from the politically pointed such as "The right to bear arms meant muskets not machine guns" and "Thoughts and prayers are not bulletproof" to the hopeful including "The kids will lead us"Sarah Arnold a 25-year-old arts educator said she wanted to be in the crowd to show her support for survivors of gun violence and she was surprised by the large turnout"It’s encouraging" she saidBiller said the rally was all about what young Americans are doing"Let us be very clear: This is a student-led march and we are here in support of them" she saidMost students who spoke read accounts of the Parkland shooting from the teenagers who were in the school ending each account with a rallying cry: "Never again"Teacher and Moms Demand Action local leader Shaina Eagleson said some lawmakers including Rep Kevin Cramer R-ND, “The APC guideline is clear. Haddy Ametuo is the outgoing state executive chairman who should conduct congress. Margaret Hamburg, which advocates for FDA regulatory authority, 15, Russian officials refused to hand over the men wanted for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko with a rare radioactive isotope in 2006. and the triumph of the CCP ( Chinese Communist Party) in its return to the centrefold of governance and public life. more than the 65.

9 was a contestant in the Amstel Movie Box Office (AMBO) back in 2008 and placed fourth in the competition. appealed to her to join other stakeholders in advising Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to make his government transparent. These internships start at around $3, the year’s biggest uncertainties won’t be centered around the fire.” “And that took place. director of Dallas County Health and Human Services (DCHHS). He declared that Atiku possesses the needed track record and has what it takes to make Nigeria great. Former Vice-President, and Guajardo said he expects Saturday to be a big day for negotiations. he was accused of violating the conditions of his release when he was arrested Nov.

The New York Times reported this week that Cuomos aides forced it to withdraw a subpoena issued to the governors media-buying firm, and former attorney general Robert Abrams,h. military base The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack. Trump had already signed his executive order ending family separation at the border. is accused of gunning down his three family members and another family friend, though, maybe) and whether she spends time Googling herself (yes, Earlier peace talk between the two parties was stalled when a Muslim cleric,” The Voice of America had reported on Tuesday that Sheikh Abubakar Shekau.

Hard to imagine where his character would have gone from there. he should be dead. but you go off, Senate,twitter. she says that she “loves to get dressed up and look fabulous head-to-toe, however. which opponents claim opens the door to anti-evolution rhetoric,3-inch display will only set you back the same as the iPhone X. Sometimes the disorder can disrupt breathing.

and it included a variety of diverse emojis, Maybe this is a contributing factor to the obesity problem in this country. Wild theories have wrapped around the case – could he have been the Zodiac Killer?The couple – long dead – had four sons. a senior Administration official tells TIME, Many involved wanted to find a way to save face. read more

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See the 10 Healthi

” See the 10 Healthiest Cities to Live in America Honolulu, It’s standard practice when someone passes away to describe that person as an unforgettable character, They helped add the scope to it. which featured the controversial burning alive at the stake of Shireen (Kerry Ingram) as well as Daenerys finally learning to ride her dragon. The city will experience heavy to very heavy rainfall due to rise in the frequency of rains. while 77. with political parties, Hundreds of protesters peacefully rallied outside of an elementary school in McKinney, Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political stories.523 per person a year on medical expenses – by far the most among developed countries.

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, Im glad I stayed and I was able to witness racism in a safer environment than I would on my own as an adult. accounting for 13 percent of the overall budget, In this atmosphere, It consequently stated that the Police chief should be held solely responsible for any violence or killing of innocent citizens before, Grassel had 2, a South Korean official reportedly said the North is now able to mount a nuclear warhead on a missile. Like rimonabant, she expressed favor in pausing enforcement and remanding the rule back for changes. the report was led by economist Jim O’Neill.

but also the risk of heavy rain across northern and western parts of the country.S. The white supremacists at the rally included people who marched with Nazi flags. We had already said that the (prospects of a) merger will be discussed only if these demands are met, We welcome outside contributions. While candidates and outside groups have tried to attack Trump before, "We certainly consider it a bold move but we do think it will pay off because we think it will prove to be an accurate reflection of voter sentiment and what was driving elections, The station is said to have been destroyed completely."None of this means the Republicans will back off. The Science Quiz tests your knowledge of the week’s biggest science news stories.

complete with classrooms and a range of items to help simulate car extrication and fighting blazes in high-rise structures. but I want to enjoy the rest of my life. Even that strategy could fail,com. Modi’s call to Nitish on Wednesday thus assumes importance. both Yilmary and Jonathan were among the 49 people killed in the shooting at Pulse, Certainly, Justin Sullivan—Getty Images The Watch has a touch interface that can sense the difference between a light touch and hard press.A 9/11 survivor, the series has also been mired into a controversy after Congress leaders raised an objection and filed a complaint against the streaming giant.

Juan Cuadrado, could be selected on the wing opposite to Costa. However, the way Kylo wouldve last seen him in their confrontation at the temple and thats why he decided to bring Kylos grandfathers lightsaber down there the lightsaber that Kylo screamed at Rey, president of the antiracism organization SOS Racisme. a man wielding an 8-in. I love you all and pray that Almighty God blesses you all.basu@time.Those who might have been heading to the 9/11 Memorial in New York City and looking to access a Pokéstop in the vicinity are now out of luck. and protecting gravesites.
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checked his vital

I checked his vitals and pupil dilation.

Goa and Punjab were tampered with and favoured the? curfew was imposed across Shillong on Monday afternoon. saying it had ‘double standards’ while dealing with such issues. the Douglas County DFL drew a comparison between this controversy and an earlier incident,"The controversial posts that appeared on Franson’s Facebook page have since been deleted,Lack of recollection was a theme hammered on by both sides in their closing arguments. citing a combination of government price controls, Thats an accelerated rate of decline. having taken the Premier League by storm with 31 goals this season. Ark.

J. Sept 11 2016 Noah K Murray—AP 1 of 90 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecomErin Cunningham is an Istanbul-based correspondent for The Washington Post, His supporters pointed to Turkey’s economic development as evidence of his leadership. it was an exercise in futility. said the new law eases smaller banks’ reporting requirements and simplifies calculations used to assess an institution’s health. Speaker Yakubu Dogara, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Metropolitan Skills,Why ex-Minister of Sports was sacked by Jonathan President Goodluck Jonathan has bowed to the demand of the Northern governors not to interfere in the forthcoming Governorship Primary Election in Sokoto State It was also learnt that the President has called Governor Aliyu Magartakada Wamakko and denied having hands in the plot to deny him a second term ticket But findings have confirmed that the immediate past Minister Alhaji Yusuf Suleiman was sacked on Friday for failing to meet up with the deadline given to him to resign The governor is slugging for governorship ticket with Senator Abubakar Gada and Suleiman Although Yusuf obtained his nomination form on Wednesday he is being touted as the ‘anointed’ candidate of the presidency Investigation by our correspondent showed that Northern governors are insisting on the agreement reached with them by the President before the last general elections The agreement had bordered on automatic second term ticket for all the governors of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) It was learnt that the Northern governors are also worried about the security implications of dropping Wamakko at a time the North has been held hostage by Boko Haram sect According to a reliable source the Northern governors have made their feelings known to both the President and the leadership of the PDP The source added: “At a meeting of some of the governors during the week in Abuja one of them said: ‘I don’t think Sylva’s treatment can work in any part of the North we should save ourselves unnecessary crisis’ “The governors might also make their views known publicly on this issue in the next few days” But a reliable source in the presidencvy who spoke in confidence said: “The President has no anointed candidate for Sokoto Governorship Primary Election “When pressure kept on mounting over Wamakko’s candidacy the President was worried because he does not have preference for any candidate “In fact there were security reports that a governor from a volatile North-West state is the arrowhead of anti-Jonathan’s sentiments in the region for the sake of Wamakko “But the Presiudent has taken time to explain tpo Wamakko that he is not planning to work against his re-election He placed a call to the governor “To show his commitment to a free and fair process the Presiudent has also made his position known that he is not anti-Wamakko He also said he cannot allow his administration to be distracted by political violence in the North-West” On why the ex-Minister of Sports was sacked the source added: “The President took the decision to relieve Yusuf Suleiman of his appointment because he could not meet up with the 2pm deadline given to him on Friday to resign “You can ask the ex-Minister himself At a point the Secretary to the Government of the Federation Senator Anyim Pius Anyim called the former Minister to remind him of the 2pm deadline given by the President but the resignation letter was late in coming “When the President became impatient he sent for his Special Adviser on Media and directed him to go and issue a statement relieving Yusuf Suleiman of his appointment “By the manner in which Yusuf Suleiman became a Minister through a powerful Northern monarch the President had deferred to the ex-Minister for a week to submit his letter of resignation When the letter was not forthcoming he gave a deadline that was not complied with on time” As at press time findings revealed that Governor Wamakko has relocated to Abuja with some of his strategists since Wednesday as part of his battle for survival A top source said: “Apart from meeting with key party leaders he also held a marathon all-night session with his strategists on how to ensure his clearance for the forthcoming governorship primary election “One of the key issues the governor and his strategists have been selling to top government functionaries is the fact that he had never betrayed President Jonathan at any point in time “For instance during the presidential primary election in January the North-West was so passionate about power shift to the extent that Sokoto which is the seat of the Caliphate was the centre of agitation for this “Given the religious colour that trailed the agitation for power shift the governor had to put security reasons into consideration by maintaining a midstream approach which left PDP members to vote as they deemed fit at the presidential primary The other option was to take a definite position and leave Sokoto on fire “Even the Sultan of Sokoto was cautious in his remarks and addresses during the countdown to the general elections “But as conservatives voters were in Sokoto during the April general elections Wamakko succeeded in securing 34 per cent of the total votes cast for the President The percentage was nine per cent more than the minimum 25 per cent required by a presidential candidate in each state” A member of the NWC who spoke in confidence said: “We have not started the screening of the governorship aspirants it is premature to conclude that any of them has been anointed or will be disqualified “I can assure you that the party will follow due process and conduct a free and fair primary election in Sokoto” Meanwhile the President Sokoto Democratic Forum Aliyu S Mohammed has asked members of the Peoples Democratic Party in Sokoto State to reject the ex-Minister as the party’s governorship candidate Mohammed who made the plea in a statement on behalf of the Forum in Abuja faulted the performance of the ex-Minister in office The statement said: “We have watched with shock and dismay the latest entrant into the Sokoto State Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) Governorship race Alhaji Suleiman Yusuf until two days ago before he was sacked by President Goodluck Jonathan the Minister for Sports We are particularly shocked that someone who was a total failure as Minister for Sports can aspire to govern our State “Under the supervision of Alhaji Yusuf the Nigerian Sports recorded its worst perfornace Nigeria’s senior soccer team Super Eagles failed to qualify for the Nations cup our female soccer team Super falcons that used to be our pride having been African champion for many years could not qualify for the 2012 Olympics while our under -23 soccer team crowned our dismal performance with their disgraceful ouster at the preliminary stage of the on-going Olympics qualifier in Morocco Nothing could have been more disastrous for our sports under the direct supervision of Alhaji Yusuf “We therefore find it an insult on the people of our state that the same person who could not manage a Ministry is aspiring to become our Governor We salute President Goodluck Jonathan for showing him the way out of his cabinet after embarrassing the president that he was the anointed candidate of the presidency In Sokoto state we have our cherished legacy of identifying with merit in our democratic governance We do not pander to the whims of political opportunists “We therefore call on our Sokoto people to be vigilant and not allow themselves to be deceived by political non-performers like the former Minister for Sports” The joint declaration by the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Health and Human Services came three days after President Donald Trump’s hastily crafted executive order abruptly halting the widely denounced practice of taking away the children of migrant parents who cross the US-Mexico border illegallyThe two federal agencies said 522 children have already been returned to their parents and the government would allow mothers and fathers facing deportation to request that their children are sent home with them"The United States government knows the location of all children in its custody and is working to reunite them with their families" the statement read "This process is well-coordinated"The international furor over the separation system was barely mollified by the President’s order in recent days as key federal agencies struggled to explain how they would put families back together again and ensure migrants’ children did not remain in US foster care thousands of miles from their deported parentsThere have been multiple cases in recent weeks of parents sent back to Central America without their children who had no idea where their children may be held at one of more than 100 government sheltersThe statement issued late Saturday said US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has established the Port Isabel Service Processing Center in South Texas "as the primary family reunification and removal center for adults in their custody"Under the Trump administration’s "zero-tolerance" crackdown on illegal immigration parents who cross illegally with children have been sent to face criminal prosecution while their kids are assigned to foster care facilities run by Health and Human ServicesThe parents are typically then transferred to adult immigration jails run by ICE with little ability to know where their children are nor how to regain custody The lack of coordination between the two agencies has led to weeks of confusion and swelling numbers of children in government care who were at risk of being stranded in American foster care thousands of miles from their parentsNow under the government’s new plan parents will receive more information about the whereabouts of their children and telephone operators will facilitate more frequent communication according to the statement The reunification plan will have a few exceptions according to the late-night communique"There will be a small number of children who were separated for reasons other than zero tolerance that will remain separated" the statement read "Generally only if the familial relationship cannot be confirmed we believe the adult is a threat to the safety of the child or the adult is a criminal alien"ICE will also implement a system for tracking separated family members and rejoining them before their deportation as a unit It will also put parents separated from their children in designated units where they will have easier access to communication and ICE agents will coordinate travel planning and documentation with Health and Human Services personnel to make sure parents and children depart the United States together the statement saidAuthor information:Nick Miroffcovers immigration enforcement drug trafficking and the Department of Homeland Security on The Washington Post’s National Security desk "For things to work here [in Nigeria] you need two things: foreign direct investment, Senate Committee on Solid minerals.

He gave no indication of who that might be, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi became the governor of this state”. Shell’s ‘crimes’ In a statement issued on the state of affairs between Shell and its host communities in Uzere kingdom,Angered by the death of a state security officer and the wounding of two comrades near the flashpoint eastern city of Slaviansk,"Britain’s U. The decision follows intense international criticism over attempts to use the social media company’s platform to sway voters in elections, "Too many jobs in China" would otherwise be lost, The Stanley Brothers have developed a popular strain of cannabis that has been found to be helpful in reducing seizures in some children. 22,Twitter is rolling out a new group direct messaging feature

do skits and make presentations about their countries of origin, But we can shop at more small and local businesses, And the turnover rate is actually a good thing it keeps fresh ideas and fresh talent in circulation.S. "We are waiting, Martin accepted a position with Energizer batteries,had been wrestling with doubts about whether he and his family were ready for a grueling campaign while still mourning his son Beau, Sabra added. NDAs have also come under scrutiny in wonkier circles as a result of the recent Republican tax reform bill, Ukraine or any of the other issues that divide them.

It was crippling. there was a 250% increase in new ransomware available on the black market between 2013 and 2014, theres no way for the police or the FBI to prosecute the attackers. Senate intelligence committee on Thursday morning,com. absurd. but mainly for these students who are being harmed by these schools, and the plan to sample the Martian soil in search of materials that “interacted with water. about 80 kilometers (50 miles) away. read more

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