Analysis and arrangement of advertising types suitable for picture websites

in the end what types of advertising for picture class station, the following do a collation

1, Asian friends to guide registration: $0.1, an effective user, do more people, more than 10 years old union, but because it is paying the U.S. dollar, so the collection is more troublesome.

2, Yiqifa 360 ring guide registration: now picture stations do most of the fire is this, because you can freely guide, so the conversion rate is very high, but also in the domestic price is fairly high, 0.5 to 1RMB of a valid user, one of my friends to do this product can earn more than 10000 a month.

3, UUSEE software download guide: This is also free to guide, the conversion rate is very high, the picture stands do pretty good, if the download station do would be better, if a two thousand or three thousand month should not be a problem ten thousand IP picture stand, if you can make more master.

4, Qihoo alliance, I believe we all know, the price is low, before a point, now up to four cents a point, although the price is not very high, but because of relatively large amount of advertising click temptation, one thousand IP stations should point to 3 to 500 times as supplementary income ok.


know Qihoo must know, they are basically the same, but also some temptation than the Qihoo, but said the deduction amount is more serious, so I have been doing only Qihoo did, now Qihoo alliance a month can earn 349, some advertising temptation is too scary.

6, a lot of people say do GOOGLE picture stand will be K, but I did a half a year, also received N times, I feel that if I do not hang horse content don’t touch ball, should not be a problem, because the previous 163 image channels and POCO pictures have been in the GGAD channel, so big home can be assured to do.

7, in fact, a lot of good advertising, I hope we will study more, more analysis of similar sites, look at what others see money, and they can learn to do.

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