About choosing phpwind and Discuz programs do a personal view of the Forum

has just spent about two hours, on the discuz and PHPWIND on the observation and comparison.

contact Discuz, or in 2009, at that time to do a combination of search classified advertising display platform, then the team proposed to build a community forum, cultivate popularity to do late marketing. Later, we did, using the Discuz 7 edition, and then gradually upgrade until X1.5. The idea of being unfamiliar with the idea of community operations is vague and can be judged by the speed at which the forum was upgraded. The community was not very successful.

the project is still being done with the community, but it has been done separately. Community plus vertical e-commerce and independent development, in the middle and late stages of horizontal integration. Now, as you can see in the community, Guangzhou No. 40 is using Discuz’s X1.5, not yet the latest version. Although X2 released beta version, but according to my present train of thought, killed in X1.5 above, oneself developed.

below say a bit of your community building, in the end select PHPWIND or Discuz procedures, talk about their views.

The development of the

PHPWIND is the direction to the long lane to go, Discuz is from the X1.5 out of the 19 floor slowly imitate crazy state, I haven’t to test X2.0 now, so I can’t say too much. When I was X1.5, I went to test the bug day and night, feedback bug, and finally bug submitted a dozen, but the station didn’t succeed. I think this is also a lot of lying in the forums on the test, feedback, submitted many hard webmaster status. From this program to the framework by the framework of procedures done in terms of Discuz and PHPWIND station to imitate, is very commendable attitude, after all, 19 buildings and a long lane in Chinese is difficult to go beyond, they walk in front of the community operation. But many webmaster will ignore, also had long lane converted from DZ to PHPWIND in the past.


, now DZ has been slowly out of the circle of imitation 19 floor, continue to develop their own regression function, while PHPWIND 8.5 is just today from the Dragon lane was born, seems to be one step too late.

with the PHPWIND 8.5 release, many webmasters are focusing on the above PHPWIND, because the PHPWIND imitation long lane, art is still in place, also did very well, very successful, with the integration of some of the image module, personal feel superfluous, can put PHP 8.8 or more away, after all, now rarely the community began to be able to do stand that picture module do well.

PHPWIND background imitation long lane is in place, and the development of DZ to imitate the 19 floor, is half tone. Probably the biggest reason is that the nineteen floor is really too big. As a starting station, you can’t use it at all

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