58 city Chen Xiaohua life class website has unique competitiveness

senior vice president of the 58 city Chen Xiaohua (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent Francisco April 12th news, 58 city senior vice president Chen Xiaohua today at the 2011 Baidu Union summit to share development characteristics, lifestyle website he said life website has a unique competitive performance in the geographical location of 5 aspects. Baidu today held the theme of "the rise of great heroes win the future" 2011 Baidu Union summit, which is the Baidu Union summit held sixth. Chen Xiaohua said that these advantages are related to geographical location, real-time, fragmentation of demand, concentrated in the service industry and real-time aspects.

below is Chen Xiaohua speech memoir:

ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon,


was very happy to come to Lijiang, especially in the morning of Robin and Yu Zong’s speech, so that I can find the answer. 58 city is dry intermediate industry, just now, Yu Zong said, traditional Internet tradition three strategic heights, we are in the Baidu strategy overlooking, we are information flow. We are to find the original information does not exist, so that it sent up, this search for us, such as looking for information about, should find Baidu.

what I’m going to introduce to you today is living, Internet and localization operations. So I first give us a look at some Internet Co in the United States recently very fire, some of which may have a relatively long history, of course, it also has regional location of Craigslist, including last year and just landed Foursquare, of course, the most fire Yelp, because it is the group purchase, here also has a lot to do with the partner group purchase. The United States said that in the global Internet is good, including in China, the Internet industry and the service industry to go live, this is a trend, such as the valuation has been 25 billion on the Internet, so I want to have a lot of space, so it is now a big trend.

in the domestic Chinese probably will be divided into several categories, one is the 58 local portal, integrated 58, Ganji, people network, such as Tintin map, 19 floor, they are optimistic about the life of Internet consumption. Second, as well as food and beverage reviews, there are public comment, rice, and other representatives, as well as buy class. Of course, there are travel tickets, as well as the service sector recruitment, property rental.

since it is a life type website, of course, it will have its unique competitiveness. For example, first, we are particularly optimistic about the location, you see the film and understand a news, not necessarily is closely related with the location, but you want to find a tour guide in Lijiang, this is related to the geographical position.

second, real time. Lifestyle messages are real – time, and if you look for information about your ticket 1 hours ago, it might be out of date.

third needs fragmentation, it is hard to say a person’s life information must be a heaven for a website, that is to say I was walking in every hour and moment, this.