From those sites that can unsubscribe mail see how to respect users


encounters two things when surfing the Internet. It’s very unpleasant: 1. browsing the web and constantly prompting you to download its Fucking App. 2., after the trial product is not satisfied, want to unsubscribe mail must first landing.

The former

my colleagues embarrassed brother has written an article, then, Ev Williams also encountered this problem, he specifically wrote on the Medium at the stubble:

come on, it’s 2013, and I think a lot of people would think that some websites that need to log in to unsubscribe are very out of the ordinary. I received the following email second times this week:


clicks on the link and jumps to here:


This is a

is still at the start of the website, I guess they may not expect to add a one click unsubscribe button, or they did not want to unsubscribe their web mail, therefore did not take into account the needs in this area, there is a possibility that they ignore a situation: the user registration the website in a few months ago, after a few months to unsubscribe forgot username and password. Similar sites, there are many, not here one by one.

Several reasons to the above

are justified, not only small website, many industry bigwigs have to do so, it’s really frustrating. But I’m pretty sure they didn’t mean to make the process more difficult to retain some users. Right,


will only make the result worse. Users who receive subscription messages may begin to post spam tags. The lack of due respect for users is not good for both sides.

let’s go a step further and make us better.


: from runaway comic