Discussion on operation methods of WeChat and public number

WeChat, we are definitely not strange.

WeChat is a Tencent owned by a mobile communication software, WeChat voice and pictures occupy less traffic, use convenient, behind the QQ strong user base, this software quickly fire up. The smart phone has also come to greet the hundred Yuan era, most people are using a smart phone. Almost every cell phone will be installed WeChat, and some people even use WeChat for a smart phone. Some time ago, the online comparison of a fire comic is, a person working outside the festival to buy a smart phone for parents, because it is always convenient to communicate with parents because of the call. A WeChat manual is specially designed for parents to learn. If you ask an elderly person, what’s your QQ number? He probably said, "I don’t have a QQ number. Can I get a micro signal?" "the WeChat is just like that.".

if it’s not very important, we can chat with WeChat voice. If you want to send short messages, we can send pure text to friends in WeChat, which is fun and saves calls. When the festival, in a friend to circle or group inside send a message, put all of my friends greetings, last year’s new year, obviously blessing SMS amount drops, everybody ran to WeChat send blessing, red envelopes. Circle of friends send information, you can be a word or sentence, coupled with a map, that is, a piece of original content, only their friends can see, very strong privacy. Few of us go to copy a copy and send it to a friend’s circle. That doesn’t make sense. Because we see better scripts, jokes, will be forwarded to the circle of friends to share with friends. And who did these things? I’ll give you a brief introduction:

WeChat also has an account called subscription number and service number public platform. Advertising language is: no small individual, also has its own brand. Service number is used for enterprises, used to serve users, only companies and organizations can apply, one month you can push four messages to fans. The subscription number is for the media or for personal use, and builds better connections with readers. You can push a message every day. What we forwarded was all here. Everyone can apply. Now the streets are full of two-dimensional code, want you to pay attention to, become their fans, you must know this. Specifically, what do you think will do them good? I will write next. Today we share how to operate the public number.

number one, the public number must be clearly defined, whether we apply for service number or subscription number, whether you are an individual or a group. Before using the public number, there must be a definite position. Such as: if you are an enterprise, you must push and product related articles. If you are an individual, you can push articles that you excel in. If cold joke, everybody sees, all know this public number inside the content is a joke. This is positioning. Without a location. Today’s jokes, tomorrow’s health, the day after tomorrow to do their specialty, so no one watched.

two, public number must have content push, no matter what