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Shortly before

came Chinese CNET company announced the acquisition of Beijing based fashion consumer Web site " I love " and ( the purchase price of more than tens of millions of dollars, and set a personal website to the top of the legend, no doubt this message to the webmaster and play a booster.

We look at the

CNET company, ENET is the world’s leading interactive media company, using a technology, games, entertainment and business aspects, to provide information for modern CNET network company many people busy, entertainment and communication services. Relying on its own technical strength and profound understanding of the technology industry, CNET provides the fastest, best and most innovative media market platform space. CNET has had a deep impact in the US, Asia and Europe, with operations in 12 countries around the world.

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CNET landing China has acquired the popular consumer oriented website 4, a common point to pay attention to the 4 sites, and their women, have experienced the test of the time, is engaged in the start-up and development of a few years before into everyone’s eyes and ears, low-key and pragmatic.

007 August 7th, CNET China announced the acquisition of OnlyLady, a female fashion web site in Shanghai, and OnlyLady, which has 800 thousand members for 5 years in a popular field of concern for female groups.

June 17, 2008, CNET Chinese today announced the acquisition of Beijing based fashion consumer website "I love, I love discount discount for women living consumption, business for 4 years, with 800 thousand members.

the development of a community is proof of the value of time, the user is the greatest wealth of the site, and OnlyLady and 55bbs from entrepreneurship to mergers and acquisitions spent at least 4 years, to tell you the truth, this is already very fast. In this area, there are fences, nets,, and 19 buildings, and they are only two years old.

if we want to choose a typical representative, then they are outstanding. At present, the community website has occupied a considerable proportion of the current site, but the real combination of female consumption + community media model of gold, and how many


community, forums in a web site’s share is obvious to everyone, and now the largest C2C website Taobao also publicly acknowledged that the Taobao community plays a vital role in Taobao.

shortly before a search has opened a call "I love Taobao" (domain name is long, but remember to confirm) community website, first look at this website name is accounted for Taobao’s cheap, presumably flow is also very impressive, but the real into the open, but found not so, the combination of gold consumption + > community media