have some experience in domain name investment

said the domain name investment estimation, we are not unfamiliar, because China’s domain name transaction is still in a starting stage, we can often see the media often disclose those who rely on the transfer of the domain name rich examples, I have always thought that the investment domain is a lucrative business, but only a few can successfully sell the domain name, my investment the domain name for more than a year, not in full-time mode, but to do part-time mode, the following is only a personal opinion.

1, domain name popular clear,

I registered general meters are generally go Pinyin initials or spelling line, hot.Cn special unpopular registered.Com


example: bjliyi.com Beijing etiquette

we can go to BAIDU search, "Beijing etiquette" look, there is promotion. This word has value, have the money to afford the main consumption, so I would not hesitate to registration under bjliyi.com is certainly a year only a Beijing etiquette company contacted my price, I opened 20 thousand, he said, is too high, do not ask for thousands of million, I said prices to contact me this domain name, the result ran away, and later on a small network company asked me several hundred sells, said I registered to only 60 yuan, it is placed in the annual renewals (don’t believe these are support in the fight against your price, let you in this domain to lose confidence, to sell at a low price). I usually do not eat this, because I think the store is very little rice in the, I will not die, even 10 years this domain was consumption of 600 yuan, I was then sold 2000 yuan will not lose, good rice to suggest that you register must carry, not on their own The meters lose confidence.

2, medium price


a transaction with ADMIN5 meters about 20 or so, I have about 200 meters, 20 inside the trading price are generally in the thousands of dollars, you can not find the domain name of a can sell tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, after all now rely on domain name registration company too much money, less than 100 thousand. We recommend that you try to go for some Chinese habits, such as: 4 miscellaneous 5 letter domain name, and by the number of these names, after 1 years will be the shortage of resources, such as: the 5 figure is a lot in the 07 years, no one to 08 years, 5 numbers can sell hundreds, if you really want to do a domain name investors, suggested long, generally a meter at least to your hands after 1 years again, so it can guarantee you a good income, or remind you, suggested a thousand dollars below the investment domain, really afford a few million to buy the domain name of the company. They don’t care about that take 100 thousand to buy a better.

3, as far as possible flow line

some meters naturally have a lot of traffic, such as: baodu.com estimated that one day will be no less than 10 thousand IP, past

always remember, if the keyboard is misplaced, the memory is misplaced, and it’s going to be dislocated