Fast reading reading reading birth Digg vertical trend

( sencu information reported in Shenzhen in May 1st May 1st), the laggards forum has also been revised, in part by the vertical and horizontal part of the original version, all vertical.

for a period of time, many forums from the original vertical horizontal revision, such as Discuz! Official website, the first impression is at the end of empire.

sysku will contact the domestic mainstream horizontal forum provider company Dai Zhikang Kang sheng. Dai Zhikang believes that the horizontal to maximize the show all the forum a forum, the forum can form a clear feeling, can let visitors quickly on a forum to form a clear understanding, to help visitors grasp the forum.

asked why the original forum is designed to be vertical, Dai Zhikang explained that this is mainly about the historical development and the internet.

because the early Internet technology is limited, often are single page, a topic, followed by a reply with one. The current forum should actually be forum, and because of habits, the forum is almost confused with BBS.

in fact, the original meaning of BBS is the electronic bulletin board, which used telnet (Telnet) as the login and emulation program of the transmission control protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) network (such as Internet). The access method, the appearance of Telnet, is a single page hierarchy. Because of this early visual form, then the forum program designers are to design from the vertical.

with internet information complex, fast reading, light reading has become the mainstream, visitors become increasingly "lazy", a website or forum only quickly inform visitors, in order to attract visitors, which is why Digg now become a main stream. You can’t get used to the situation by trying to get visitors to flip a few pages and get access to information through several steps.

but the visual perception, but also more than a vertical horizontal line with the human visual preference.

as far as a product design is concerned, the factors that influence sorting and the amount of visually acceptable information.

in the face of a horizontal rectangular people reading should be horizontal logic, if the face of a vertical rectangle, the longitudinal to read, I think that if you want the user to form transverse reading words, need at least 5 items. But for a single graphic design, we will also be able to guide the user from the details inside the shallow consciousness, such as designers want users to horizontal reading, so in the design of a single rectangular button can be used into wider.

in fact, when we do web design, often involves is horizontal or vertical, is the most relevant information on the left side or below. When placing blocks of information, try to put relevant information together.