Do stand really hard webmaster sentiment

this year on the Internet to get something really is not easy ah, when I first started to contact the site, at that time is to see the self-help Station system, the construction site feel quite fun, gradually for the website with interest, began to understand the site would like to thank us. (Ma Huateng) come up with a QQ space, then the space that desperately really spent thinking Oh, gradually feel knowledge is not that time is still in the primary stage of understanding HTML, fundamental for what ASP, PHP, CSS heard, the site has been my hobbies. I major in engineering, a lot of people have asked me how then do not learn the computer professional, now I really regret it a bit, then is now easy to find a job so…

later became the think to make to make is based on their website on the make, restrictions and thieves, then to understand web development, I still remember that crazy books from the library, look really pitch-dark Oh, to the final results made the single site ASP and found myself really not professional do really have a lot of difficulties, but the final result is not very perfect, then exposed to CMS, began to love CMS people have a professional team in the development of the upgrade, there are so many net friends, really good find.

But since

is from the last official to engage in their own independent website has a very successful site, and all the dead are slightly, to update the site every day, but also go online to learn knowledge, what database ah, SEO ah, dazzling, but also be wary of search K, on the way to give up several stations, a new station in the novel do download station, now find themselves less passion, a program could modify randomly, then upload the content, pay close attention to daily traffic statistics, see the indexed search, keyword optimization, really feel a little tired. So far, I haven’t found a good way to develop. I don’t know because I’m not competent enough.

remember the beginning of a website is fun, largely in order to prove their ability than others, in the school when I have such a psychological, QQ let students see my website, and then expect others to say "good" to meet the psychological vanity, full of discovery rely on the website to make money and then registered a GG, feel good trouble, but what the audit once passed the application like Baidu brother airs three times to take down, so far as mother made a point of advertising, 50 a few dollars to take it out on GG, the key this year the dollar is devalued, alas. How to live?. In short, do stand ups and downs, only the parties can understand Oh.

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