51 small fake personal webmaster please stay away from your computer

is only because of personal webmaster means that you are not a team or alone wandering in every corner of the Internet, can not say that you do not make money, but it can be said that your career is not successful. Once a year the 5.1 holidays coming, although from a week to three days before the holiday now, but still many office workers long-awaited thing, after all which workers don’t want a holiday a day of rest, but we do not have the time and date of the concept of personal webmaster it seems too dull. Heartbreak in this call for the grassroots webmaster, 51 away from your computer, temporarily make a normal person.

himself has done the webmaster has been a few years, let yourself learn a lot, but also lost a lot, let oneself know IP, understand the flow, also understand the so-called "everyone busy GGADS every day". A few years of life master yourself from a network side into a so-called webmaster, a few years of life so that their owners earn a house but also lose a lot, relatives, friends, lover……, from a family of a pair of lovers now become interested in old female non displaced man.

webmaster day hard day and night, do not know what Sunday and Monday are different, seem to have forgotten about the holidays, daytime busy update promotion procedures and code, the night too, just add to IP statistics that make people happy, see the GGads from a knife into every day 5 knife 50 knife, knife one hundred. Look at the bank card from the previous month to now hundreds of thousands of monthly income of deposit, but didn’t make me feel any joy and pride. The original goal is achieved, but it does not seem to be what you want. Money is not the only thing that a person pursues in life. IP and the dollar are not the only dreams and goals that a station owner pursues all his life.

in order not to miss a good promotion or cooperation opportunities, call to the table the takeaway has lost food color fragrance can have the time to taste, a talk about N’s friend, because you don’t have too much time to accompany and told you don’t understand romantic… One… Originally a vacation but because several websites allow yourself to forget, an originally pleasant journey had to squeeze time to look online. Everything may have become a habit, a habit of being a station master.

has a "51", although only a short period of three days, I hope you put your identity, you put down a as a grassroots webmaster identity, to enjoy the nature and the society bring you early should enjoy the happiness, to accompany your wife or lover to truly enjoy a real journey, a romantic, temporary away from your computer can make you better to awake and think, better to do your site. (text / heartbreak first webmaster network, reprinted please indicate www.jianfeifangfa.net)