Ceremony wine Hall honesty is the best way of promotion

I’m a real Beijing person, starting from the age of more than 20, because I have a family business background. Family business is not a well-known large enterprises, has been in this industry low-key action, relying on reasonable prices and honest and trustworthy principles, to operate until now.

unfortunately, with the development of society, people’s sense of integrity seems to be running counter to each other, and this really makes me feel cold. Promised to check out, dragging refused to give money, and finally promised to give money, and put forward a variety of additional conditions, and even some people are still in the daytime, the middle of the night on foot everywhere. At that time the capital has a very famous restaurant called "Chen Chuanyue", I just talk about cooperation in the affair with Chen Chuanyue, the other 2 in case of a single product costs into the shop, I went to the field to consider a lot, that business is not so good, considering the high costs into the store, so it is no longer a deliberately put on. A month later, in the Beijing youth header edition headlines, see "Chen Chuanyue" boss rolls 40 million people evaporation. I survived in emotion at the same time, which also felt very helpless, has become a mere scrap of paper supply contract between a night to make people tremble with fear.

as I spend more and more time in this industry, people become more and more careful and always watch out for others. I know this is not good, but also feel very tired of life, but there is no way, the environment forced ah! Later, when doing things, some people know other industries, such as gifts, home textiles, wedding and so on, although they do not have much business, but they all have a common characteristic: integrity! We discuss good things will not elaborate on you, to check out, but also to call you, ask you come or not. Customers are also very careful, patient, respect for customer purchase intention, which is an expression of integrity. They have learned a lot from them, and more of them have made a change in their mentality, so that they dare to believe others.

and communicate with others more slowly, suddenly one day when I complain about the difficult business with them, they strongly advised me to open shop, in fact, before I had a personal interest in soft production shop, business is good, because later took over the family business is really busy come so much. But there are previous experience, coupled with the reminder of those friends, once again ignited my desire to open an online shop. They are proud to show me their online shop, I was deeply attracted, there is no special reason, just because good-looking. Ask them what systems they use, they say, ShopEx’s independent online shopping system, and there are many templates to choose from. I searched the relevant information online, everyone’s evaluation of ShopEx is very high, the price is not expensive, I am relieved. In this way, the logical use of the ShopEx home template, really as we have been evaluated, many varieties, and beautiful, I am satisfied!

my "Wine House" was opened soon, mainly for Wuliangye and Moutai gifts