Five things that a good user experience designer should do well

[Abstract] this article is translated from the blog Usability Counts, translator @C7210. The original author Patrick Neeman is a user experience designer, served as social Jobvite recruitment company user experience director.

in the paper, the author puts forward "the real user experience designers understand the continuous improvement of" human "and" business "and" technology "of these three factors on the three, through the full understanding of the organic integration in the" product "to make products to become better"

anyone can draw a wireframe. When my friends talk about their product, idea, I encourage them to pick up paper and pens and communicate ideas with sketches. They think this is a great way to help them put their ideas into practice.

real user experience designers are not made up of the ability to draw wireframe, but more importantly, they know how to handle feedback information and how to verify ideas, they know how to do research and iterative. They know the wireframe sketches and the whole design process of the prototype is only a small part of them is the research conclusion of the work output, is used as carrier of information communication; they may be in the demo document for product design, technology development and other related personnel for communication, it is also possible to high fidelity or paper prototype the form is used for usability testing.

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real user experience designers know how to make products grow better through a continuous process of improvement. This process, or that the method framework is intertwined with the "people", "business" and "technology" of these three factors, and our job is to fully understand these factors, so that they combine organic in the collection of products "together.

has a more direct and efficient approach to communication,

I’ve seen a lot of interaction designers in straight line box prototype project initial fling caution to the winds and then saved as pictures or PDF, and sent to the demand side, then began to complain: "why they cannot read


wireframe prototype designer for one of the hands is a tool of communication; is more important in the process and the demand side or developers in actual communication, to describe solutions and related on the basis of communication skills.

, compared to wireframe prototypes made by software tools, paper, pen and white board are often more effective tools in many cases. Especially in the early stages of the product and in the process of iteration, these tools can help us to sort out ideas and implement ideas more quickly, and the communication and cooperation among different departments will become more direct and efficient.

as a designer, we should understand, with users, product teams, technology to open