A prostitute and four famous tales

? I am a IT person, engaged in the Internet industry for many years, the slow development of China’s enterprise e-commerce has a profound understanding. I try to make my below said objective, only Bo you tell me smile.

in the past ten years, China’s e-commerce has developed rapidly, but also achieved great success. Tencent, which has 647 million registered users, has emerged, a Baidu that has created 8 billionaire myths overnight; the Hongkong listing will allow thousands of employees to become millionaires’ Alibaba and other prominent Internet companies. However, in the face of these rich overnight explosion of Internet giant, the road of e-commerce is find out the hard way of small and medium enterprises, the journey is difficult. The reason, the Chinese Internet market "a prostitute" and "protect her" four names, catch an inescapable responsibility. Their rampant rampage, like the blood sucking insects suck the sweat and blood of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also make China’s small and medium-sized enterprises need to bear a huge burden on the road of e-commerce. Here, I’ll have a layer with the name of the Internet bar open second banner trickster’s ugly face.

first was a prostitute, China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) at the beginning of my "she" knew nothing more than just a bisexual person only, that is the national government agencies, non-profit organizations, but not always thinking about how to use taxpayer money in the Internet industry to promote China progress, science and technology, but trying to the enterprise keep up your pockets. For example: 3721 as the first brand Chinese network real name, once covered nearly 97% of the market share, we imagine if only one network name in the address bar, then input Chinese can direct website may become a potential habit of a lot of people on the Internet, the network real name can maximize its value, and the use of the real name network enterprises can certainly benefit from. CNNIC people watching Zhou Hongyi money she quit, but her guests stayed strong expertise in 3721 when she launched a general rash and too much in haste. The name of the government agencies, under the banner of the hype of all kinds of common words. Saw the new network to make SMS domain name to make money, she immediately launched the mobile phone real name. For a time, the network have to rise up, 3721 sold, all kinds of plug-ins and more, web resources, network name in China has even finished. All of these have to be given by our non-profit organization, China Internet information center.

CNNIC is indeed the first Chinese courtesan Internet community, which countries have Chinese domain so much?.com domain,.Net domain,.Cn domain,.Com.cn domain,.Net.cn domain,.Cc domain,.Tv domain,.Name domain name, domain name, domain name Chinese domestic and international Chinese…… When the international domain name resources are exhausted when it launched a series of curious domain to hype, what "registration", what "trademark protection", the concept of what "domain name investment" was put up a pageantry rendering, let the small and medium-sized enterprises have frowned a >