Analysis of the Baidu after the replacement of a new domain name

this article follows: a brief analysis of Baidu after the replacement of a new domain name (on)

because Baidu has been left out of my new domain name blog, I made the following adjustments and changes to the blog. It’s time for me to make a move. I always adhere to the following 3 principles:

1. every day to write original article, from the original daily update to 2 articles. Adhere to the principle: not reproduced, not false original.

2. every day actively looking for the right outside the chain, increasing the number of daily chain, but do not increase the number of changes in the chain is too obvious, ups and downs. Adhere to the principle: Links exchange, do not spend a penny to the principle, I is not stingy, but my personal economic ability is limited, no need to pursue too.

3. check blog keywords, remove the deliberately added keywords, natural optimization is the ultimate kingly way. Adjust blog keyword density, through the use of keyword density query tools, compare the frequency and frequency of each page keywords carefully and strictly compared. Adhere to the principle: control the number of single page keywords, keyword density kept at around 3%, recommended, 2%~5%.

two weeks time to finally pick up, from Google, YAHOO included the situation can be seen, I wasted no time in vain, plays a certain role and effectiveness really, website has obvious change, Google and YAHOO to look for a relatively high weight. Because of my blog content to the original article, by some owners and friends of the trust and help, get a lot of free high PR value chain, thank them for their support, for they offered me a free chain and help to express his thanks. Here are some of my search for the chain of small story:

1.haphic to the living dead, one of the Z-BLOG developers, many plug-ins are developed, see his blog the PR value is 4, just began to talk to him exchange connection he refused, the reason is: the relationship between the blog content is not very. Finally, I convince everyone that they are Z-BLOG users. Although the internal pages, because his blog do not do the chain relationship, the internal page of the PR value has reached 4. Is very satisfied, HAPHIC good, and he spoke as if he felt congenial, also in beijing.

200 million Ousi any webmaster, because I did not add the reprint connection, I had been looking for his website customer service theory, then not only to the article reprinted with a link address, but also with his personal blog PR2 gave me a link. Very good to speak, very kind of a webmaster, turned my blog an article, plus connection address, and gave me added a friendship connection. I’m very pleased and pleased to meet such a friend. Very envious of his domain name, ha ha.

3. Li aunt, recently very hot, very controversial a person SEO master search SEO, you can appear search results third place!