How to do online shopping safely

stay at home, light click the mouse will be able to buy their favorite goods. Online shopping has become a fashionable and quick way of life, more and more popular with young consumers. In the visit "shop", netizens can be long several heart — extremely affordable offer is a "significant characteristic shop", but in this staggering cheap might hide behind the scam, even serial scam. This article is to explore how to secure online shopping.

step 1: estimate the value of the goods reasonably.

don’t be confused by extra low prices, cheap may have good goods, but too cheap, maybe fake, beware of traps set by crooks. The characteristics of online shopping is to omit the traditional store expensive shop door rental costs, so the sale of goods will generally be a lot cheaper than the store. But no matter how to reduce the cost of doing business, will not lose the white leader. But we can never let some people have an ulterior motive plot. A market price 3000 yuan mobile phone, in some shopping website is marked 500-700 yuan. Think carefully, mobile phone profits again, can not be such a big gap. Under normal circumstances, the new mobile phone a few hundred yuan has been very good. In addition to this form of fraud, that is the two mobile phone refurbished.

second step: how to secure online transactions

1. using Alipay tools for shopping

in online shopping, you can not do without Alipay. Alipay is an important tool to guarantee transaction security. Now, of course, in addition to Alipay, there are easy to pay through the third party credit guarantee payment. But the most used or Alipay. "Alipay" is aimed at the online security exchange design of secure payment delivery, risk in order to reduce the transaction. Alipay is especially suitable for computer, mobile phone, jewelry and other high price items all transactions or hope for more secure transactions. Alipay is all free now!

especially when buying big ticket items, see whether the Seller agrees to use Alipay, if Alipay agreed, then the insurance coefficient bigger. Because Alipay is the identity authentication and the bank. If the seller did not agree to the use of Alipay’s commitment to the goods, you can contact the seller. Please remember, when the seller does not agree with the use of Alipay, even if you have a little bit worried about him, not to trade. At this point, you have to think about it,.

I don’t have the Alipay

2. how to secure shopping

if the same, of course, it is best to on-site inspection, a hand hand. If you are trading places to choose the post office remittance, because of the existence of such other specific address, if there is a problem will be easier to solve; because the post office remittance with identity card to take, no detailed address of the remittance bill nor to the seller’s hand inside. As a result, many scammers on the Internet have passed the bank account