AdSense for interest and site

often in forums, QQ group, someone asked the website how to make money, or you can help me see my website how to do it, in fact, I’m also a rookie, do webmaster for more than a year, technology or not. But I still know about the Internet market.

in my opinion, the Internet is Chinese towards the poles: one is the high-end portal, I think personal Adsense is not able to compete, Sina and Sohu contest everyone to see it, but still there are many webmaster want to engage in local portal, I can only say you choose the success rate of less than 50%; two is the local industry station, YAHOO and word-of-mouth reorganization, personal webmaster can give me some inspiration, YAHOO is doing the search, and reputation is the local information, their restructuring indicating whether the development of the local


07 years I learn Lang education network on the line, now less than a year, site traffic 3000-5000, a lot of keywords in the search engine home page, this can not be said to be successful, but also a good start, positioning of our website is based in Chengdu, provides education information, training information, family information this is Chengdu, the site of the Chengdu Family Forum has been profitable, the education information flow has been described, training forum is also a quick profit.

is very happy, not long ago, people who want to buy my website, recently a lot of people in the study site (several forums someone asked to imitate me, ha ha), add my QQ for experience, what can I say to you? Alibaba is successful in Chinese, I admire Ma is love pondering Alibaba, my goal is to build e-commerce network education in the class. Maybe you can find your answer in Alibaba!


is interested in making websites and making money on websites. Concentrate on doing standing, honest man. Don’t start to hang a lot of advertising, see who? Who click? When the site is not when people browse, we want to see themselves as visitors, together with the user experience, all based on market, technology is our strong backing.

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