Alipay lets you say out


on platform is rising rapidly, now many people love with Alipay, think this is actually safe! There is a lot of misunderstanding! Some industries are not suitable for the use of Alipay! As fresh food cake, flowers and other green plants and kept on short time items, and items customized according to the user the rules are not suitable for the use of alipay.

The use of secured transactions, which is the core of Alipay

in both sides feel most secure transactions, this is the maximum protection for consumers, but is not fair in terms of business. You think, if a guest is calling to a cake, using Alipay to guarantee! Then you put the cake made according to user requirements, just want to go out, call the guest to feel shy: a friend’s birthday, I made a mistake, should be the next month today, I refund this! Then, the best time to do it to save the cake is 5 hours, and you this cake is in accordance with the requirements of the guests to do, other people will not want to lose!! because Alipay according to the rules, the buyer did not receive the goods can be refused to pay the cake! Shenzhen network ( every month it happened N more than this kind of thing, really bitter could not say


say the flowers, flowers, Shenzhen had received such an order, the guest must make it a very expensive basket, which is the most expensive flower, lily, Lily what Gongzhang, wholesale prices have more than 100 bar! Guests are using Alipay secured transactions, the guests repeatedly urged, several of us flower the division began to prepare to spend together materials, etc. we put flowers short, is ready to start doing basket. The guests call: "really feel shy, refund! Friends business delay!" my God, my lily Anthurium, ah! All scrapped! No way, Renzai! Because according to the rules of the Alipay, the guests did not receive the goods is entitled to a refund!

other similar kind of tailor-made products or save time not too long, many businesses must have encountered similar trouble! You will lose once buyers reject! So Alipay is not a panacea, many industries are not suitable for the Alipay


statement: not to slander who mean, only hope that Alipay can improve the methods of dealing with disputes, Alipay secured transaction rules is too simple, it is hoped to improve the