How about Zhang Chengrong electric chicken rack

remember outside a year of life, always think of my mother’s cooking taste, miss mother often do chicken, fried chicken, Roasted Chicken and so on, a chicken is very Chinese dishes right love, so if you open a Zhang Chengrong like electric Roast Chicken snacks frame as how to make money?

how about Zhang Chengrong electric chicken stand?

Zhang Chengrong electric Roast Chicken frame is a kind of unique flavor snacks, leisure table. It was Mr. Zhang Chengrong’s ancient family secret ingredients, the green, healthy and safe, standard, authentic ingredients, patent baking technology combined with independent research and development, refined. Since the market, its healthy baking process, fragrant and not greasy unique taste by the majority of consumers love. Its non fried fried, baked non retained, no natural addition of the mode of operation, much favored by the people, was praised as the founder of chicken delicious.

Zhang Chengrong grilled chicken frame project advantages:

A. flexible operation:

civilian investment, 10 flat shop, grilled chicken rack to join, 1 – 2 people play the whole store.

can be in school, commercial street, District, shopping malls, KTV, site flexibility, give you a variety of options.

two. Product rich:

10 series, more than and 200 varieties, four seasons hot, cool hot

join has the following advantages:

a good industry prospects

consumer population wide, high frequency of consumption, in line with the social health and leisure consumption trend

two. High industry position

industry well-known brands, praised by consumers as chicken racks delicious founder

three. Low cost

no high rent, no need for cumbersome decoration, no need to worry about hiring someone, a person, a freezer, a stove, a booth

four. High profit

profit doubled at least two months to recover the cost of capital turnover of

five. The secret recipe of past dynasties

more than and 10 years of market validation, eating is the taste, the rate of up to 93%