Analysis of electricity supplier operators Tmall 520 activities pre sale deposit paid

in the past week, many electronic business platforms are pushing the same Festival, that is, "520."". In the full screen price promotions, coupons, Tmall launched a different promotional activities – "pre-sale deposit paid."". Let’s talk about the Tmall sale today.

from the campaign’s purpose,

old rules, first from the purpose of retrograde form of activity. Under normal circumstances, the electricity supplier platform big promotion activities will be divided into two stations and stations outside the battlefield, outside the station is responsible for the dissemination of sound, the station is responsible for promoting live and sales.

so, the purpose of Tmall’s pre-sales campaign is to sell, and the corresponding indicator is sales. Then why do I say that this pre-sale activity is different from other platform activities?

before answering, let’s split up the sales volume: Sales = flow * conversion rate * unit price.

general business platform will be greatly promoted before, through interactive games, push and other ways to send a variety of coupons to the user, send coupons benefits:

The decision cost of

user behavior is low, you can receive coupons as soon as you click, which improves the user’s coverage;

coupons can increase buying conversion, because users who receive coupons feel less likely to spend it.

, so the coupon has become a major advocate of electricity providers must be a magic weapon. Why did the cat have to reverse it that way?

aims to lock in effective traffic early and improve conversion. Take an upscale toy as an example, assuming that the promotion price is 200 yuan for the formal period, there are two promotions:

, first, I’ll send you a "200 minus 10" coupon;

second is now paid 10 yuan deposit, sale can reach 20 yuan.

for the first kind, a lot of people will choose to take coupons first, and finally buy not buy time to say, so the payment is better.

, but some of these users end up forgetting the coupons (too easy to get), and some hesitate to decide not to buy them at the official time.

, and for the second, many users will first consider, after all, is to pay, and then a fee to pay coupons, ah, this will filter out a number of users. Once the user has decided to pay a deposit, then he will have a lot of probability in the formal period of the last payment.

so the advantage of the coupon is that it can touch up to a lot of traffic, but the conversion rate is slightly lower; and the advantage of paying down the deposit is the high conversion rate, but the initial touch reaches the low flow rate.

what goods apply


each play has its advantages and disadvantages, the key is to choose their own way of playing. Thinking about "pre >