Be a man with a human touch

webmaster, I dare not say one hundred percent, but at least there are more than half of the owners, perhaps later to site profitable. Work hard in money, and communicate in people. Ask one, the webmaster, you tired? Earn money to say, do not earn it, think of their motorcycle life, a minute, an hour, a day, a month…… We go round and round with their webmaster career, management, maintenance, engage in popularity, make money, pull business. Who did this? But when you really get to that point may perhaps meager income, you have to consider your own life, you have lost love, for money, for a living, perhaps for love, however, when you get these hard income, their mechanical work, and some what? Lost too much, for the money, you lose your friends and happiness, lost in the ocean to cultivate art, lost opportunity to bond with your family.

remember there has been a webmaster for many years, he is very fierce, worked hard for many years, the establishment of countless sites, a great reputation. What procedures are to understand, SEO optimization, he come in handy, but spent so many years, suddenly quit, like in the horizon,, small water NetEase such as a forum for people and music, who has many friends. Some people laugh at him silly, empty have a technology, but here buried, these techniques, literally do a site, where all the money ah. But he did not mind, but lightly said: "in the network, I was undoubtedly successful, and then, in a rational world, I was lonely, helpless."."

yes, when you day after day, year after year to improve the flow, big site, add content, to make money and wandering you, but far away from the rational society. Just like a joke in recent years. Genius, IQ is tall, EQ is very low. Do site, your technology is very high, the ability to make money is very big, but you in the real society, in the rational communication, is it the same?

sometimes, emotional enrichment in the world, is what we do stand power, the webmaster, you have this feeling, do stand, do station, the bigger but no interest, the more income, the more empty. Perhaps, for this small webmaster, I do not know starving eat Chinese seems to be feeling, but this is the real


why? Because when we face the mechanical computer face to face every day, we have forgotten how to have feelings and have friends around us. Isn’t that right,


so, webmaster, have a successful stand, a good income, don’t forget your emotional world, the network is not only the mechanical money transactions, we also have feelings of concern, why, we just soak in money? To see the outside world, experience not reckless with greed the world, wash out your heart. Such webmaster life, is what we pursue.

the world of love is right in front of you. Why don’t you go and see it when you >?