Click fraud doesn’t work on the nternet in China

a few years ago, the Internet does not use real names, and all use QQ, using a pseudonym. Most people, in order to satisfy vanity, dress themselves up as aristocrats. Later, popular online friends see what the face of what. At this point, the virtual network of abuse will come out. Some of the boys were handsome and handsome, but were alone but not pretty online beauty, and the results of the appointment of McDonald’s meet. When we meet, we see death. The handsome boy with no manners saw a dinosaur sitting on the opposite side and turned around and left. This left both sides with a great deal of psychological trauma. Later, slowly, the real name of the more, anyway, you do not scare me, I do not give you much pressure, we also know that there is no princess online, but no prince. Wait for the aristocrat, or wait for the next life. Such networks are slightly better.

in addition to meeting dinosaurs, a lot of things are off the table. For example, focus wireless. A CCTV 315 party, to the public wireless way to make money to put on the table, it’s bad, the accusation, seems to focus and pockets of money from each user. In fact, the crowd just took advantage of everyone’s cell phone, it hard plug some advertising to you. Because the mobile phone is an obvious may be deducting money stuff, so everyone is nervous, feel wronged, like the handsome boy see dinosaurs. The trauma of mobile phone advertising companies do not talk, also at a distance, for fear of being despised, enterprises have become a badly frightened person. The dinosaur encounter, ringing in the ears. So, today saw a message: today informed sources said, with all text messaging and MMS business was halted, Focus Media subsidiary of the branch wireless will also be disbanded in the near future. The source said that in the near future, the majority of employees will be dismissed by wireless company, and the resigned Union has three months’ salary compensation. Very few employees will return to the parent company, Focus Media. In the evening, the rumor, said the dissolution of focus wireless is recombinant ear but It is sheer fiction.. In fact, the unspoken line of reorganization is dissolution, and then again, or not dissolved,


take the table of the points wireless, the victims are actually employees, so many hard work, with dreams to divide the staff. These employees will become a pioneer in the field of Internet mobile advertising, Xiang Linsao will also become the field. Why am I so stupid? I didn’t change careers earlier. Where do I know CCTV 315 party will kill my rice bowl?. Kill thousands of knives CCTV315 party, killing thousands of knives CCTV, and I lost my job.

in fact, we suddenly produce a false sense of dinosaurs, mainly CCTV, this winter wolf is more fierce. You every day in their own home floor door, elevator, work office building elevator door, you at the airport, you are in the bus and the bus, you are in a train, you on the highway, you even in the fitness center, where there is no similar to the focus of advertising pollution? You even in CCTV and ads on your wounds, than to see a dinosaur friends, not ifheavier? You exclaimed Mody, you yell out? You seem numb, habits >