Advanced operations the three elements of business strategy formulation

operation strategy is an inevitable process from primary operation to advanced operation.

before dinner and two brothers in two days, and talked about the "operation strategy", then one man sighed: "in fact, Ali search operation is idiot, what do no matter where in, a business strategy: full 200 by 40. "


and then I laughed, because if there’s a strategy that runs and even practices "200 minus 40", he’s definitely not a high level operator.

so today, let’s talk a little bit more about what the term "operational strategy" is.

The definition of the


strategy is refers to in a relatively long period, or from the beginning to the end of the whole process, in order to achieve a certain goal, and a series of solutions for different problems, pre specified hypothesis and, in practice, the method according to the actual situation of development and change constantly selection, adjust or even develop new programs to ensure that thinking, a series of goal plan.

there are a few key words here:

1, process.


strategy is generated, developed, selected, and varied in the process.

if the strategy itself does not consider changes in the elements in the process, then it can only be called methods, not strategies.

2, goals.


policy is configured according to the conditions required to achieve the goal.


is designed and unfolded only for an action, then it cannot be called a strategy, but merely a scheme or means.

3, strain.


policy can be adjusted because the strategy is the basis for the formulation of the program in response to various possible problems and stages in the process of achieving the goal.

therefore, the strategy is changeable and needs to be chosen and changed in response to the actual situation.

When does

make policy


as small as an activity, as large as a company, it will use the operation strategy.

, let’s pick the small one and say, for a small activity, the Internet operation should be done at the same time as the strategy is completed.

‘s strategy then focuses on the following aspects:

1, what are the goals of the activity?


hypothesis is designed to drive sales of a particular item.

then, we should start to think about it, just to stimulate sales, or to drive sales while ensuring the realization of revenue and profits.

is why my friend thinks that the operation of Ali only knows how to recruit 200 and minus 40, that is, from "Ping"