08 years the community is most important or popular

From the beginning of the 03 year contact forum to now take over Lai women’s forum for a month, his contact before and after almost five years of business forum. This is five years, the Internet has changed a lot, in last night, talking with the webmaster, Jinsha Chinese cockle net webmaster meal, 03, 04 this year, the word Wangzhuan many people are still not familiar with, is a kind of interest, make a station fun, just as do the sea literature, although when do one famous country, are interested, who would not think this station can make money, 05, 06 years is China webmaster Wangzhuan peak, many webmaster rely on advertising alliance such as the initial savings, after 07 years, is a garbage station soaring year were associated with reduced advertising costs., re shuffle and personal webmaster, this year, the station is too many to count down. While the sands with cockle, there are one hundred thousand users, and the loyalty of those users, although the experience of standing crisis, has been coming, and well.