A brief discussion on the mistake of social media

the term "social media" was also noisy during the recent period, so everyone went on board and wanted to try it out. The views of large and small are constantly emerging, and there are also some erroneous understanding, I think it is necessary to put forward, we discuss together, study together, try to reduce this error,


completely ignored the existence of social media: it is a kind of exalted high, but despite a scrap, completely out of social media group, don’t feel strange, maybe they don’t know how to participate, and they might not have time. But for whatever reason, this is a big mistake, especially for some entrepreneurs or businessmen. After all, the social media is still very popular today, the momentum of development is also very high, so we should also know how to go to the Internet through the Internet, your users!


his words: if you are on a website only registered a number, not what to manage, not any personal data, no article, no background and so on, so that other members today accidentally into your blog what, find what are not, you will feel you not to participate in their family, and will feel like you are a liar, the number of registered just for commercial purposes. Most users hang up flags for people who don’t have enough data.

so, you have to spend some thought, at least you get a custom background, photos, contact way, also can write a personal hobby, if you have a company, can get some information about the company and so on (but not too strong for commercial purposes), will help you to let more people know about you. And become friends with you, say good Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together..

: the impostor can often see some companies because of some deceptive camouflage techniques were eliminated in the social media in the world. Usually they will hire some employees to name some people, although these people may also be graduated from University, but was a person impostor to do something always feel hate. They pretend to be celebrities and pretend to be clients of their own company, and then make some good comments, messages or something. But you can never create something reliable and authoritative. To write a good article good content, to meet the needs of users, naturally we will go to reprint, such propaganda purpose is achieved, for example, our website www.123cha.com is very useful in the class of life. As long as the Baidu search query, practical site, you can see a lot of users reprint this post, all our query function


only knows to sell to the user, not the real intention to feel what the user needs: social media is not what you have been selling, selling, and selling tools. In your place, a virtual network of worlds, only you and your customers build trust relationships to know what they need, and you are qualified to say something. Know what they’re interested in, what kind of products you like, and what