Domestic electricity supplier business bottlenecks encountered five factors

as early as 10 years ago, with the rapid development of Global trade in financial industry, the electricity supplier of the fire spread rapidly in China, the traditional enterprises have to line of business done online, through the Internet to achieve the intention of enterprises with low cost and high yield, which makes the original competitive industry market more beauty, and thus the traditional business enterprise big reshuffle, many small and medium-sized businesses to be too numerous to enumerate; due to lack of funds, talents, resources and other aspects, unable to cope with the big data era network competition, have announced bankruptcy.

today we see some website also can normal operation, but does not know that they are facing various bottlenecks, if not reform innovation, perhaps in the near future will suffer the same fate. Talking about here, I have to sigh: small and medium-sized electricity supplier enterprises in the domestic business development, want to endure for a long time, sustained profitability is really very difficult. Why? The traditional small and medium business enterprise operation process, to face foreign competition exists between the bad industry, but also the bottleneck problem in reform and innovation continue to break the dominant or recessive, can be said that the ideas and Strategies of the maximum extent determines the fate of the future enterprise business. So, now the traditional electricity supplier enterprises encountered bottlenecks are what causes it? The following nine river network simply from five aspects for everyone to tell.

1, when most companies conduct product promotions, the whole network is regarded as the lowest price to attract users eyeball magic

online shopping who all want to buy good quality and cheap products, but the fact is it really? I want to declare Say NO, many enterprises use the customer to low price sensitive psychological claim that their products are the whole network lowest price, in fact no company dare absolute guarantee of product price is. The lowest whole network; and enterprises continue to compress products in the face of malignant price competition the cost of some unqualified products are packaged into genuine sale, bring some risks to the customer. As a business owner, do not think that the whole network of the lowest price of such false information, customers are difficult to see through, they just do not yet completely disappointed you, and wait until the despair of the day, leaving you only in an idea. Therefore, the author suggested that when enterprises conduct product publicity, it is best not to use some false deceptive customers and other advertising words, so as not to cause bad reputation.

two, for the competition for profit, part of the electricity supplier companies use false promotions and other improper marketing means, accelerated the vicious development of the entire industry market

part of the electricity supplier enterprises in marketing promotion, the cost of money invested is very large. Especially in order to work with peers than products than prices, many enterprises to single transaction profits down very low, and counterparts who have more preferential policies, so as to attract users to buy. Although it can bring some benefits, but will go a long time corporate promotional products sell well, no promotion is almost impossible to sell, once the formation of this form, enterprises have to consider the operation of the adjustment, the original product.