Local portals continue to move forward webmaster do station quality is the key

last time in the "local portal site owners to join" the prospect of unlimited need to think twice, referred to the local portal site is the prospect of unlimited, provides some advice for the webmaster transformation.

              whether the webmaster think to start the transformation? Or some relatively fast action is the webmaster transformation? Whether is the webmaster is now in thought or in action, stationmaster net (admin5.com) and give a webmaster Wenyang some tips, for the owners to provide warm companionship after transformation way.

is a web site can survive, whether for key Adsense money or see this website is to provide information and help for the users of Internet users is not really valuable, whether can attract users, increase website viscosity. To think about it all, the most important thing is the quality of the website.

the quality of a website is good, can attract the eyeball of net friend. Saying good wine is not afraid of deep alley, although in the era of self promotion, but no good quality, even if you sell better, users try to only temporary traffic is not a permanent solution. To really do a good job in the local portal, the webmaster will strengthen the quality of the site, so that there is the capital to do network promotion, in order to get long-term traffic.

in fact, this principle is not difficult to see, in the webmaster has been around China stationmaster station, stationmaster net, iResearch, portal website and so on, these why every day to have such a high traffic, why many owners, users are their loyal members? Because it is paid attention to the quality of the site, provides the most need advice for the webmaster, also do network promotion to allow more users, webmasters know them, slowly, they believe that they rely on.

is not only the site, this year the first Chinese Internet brand conference gave "local portal ten brands in Yunnan network, the sports network, Hualong network, Taihu pearl net and so on, are in the tens of millions of hits a day or so, without a good website quality, believe which websites are not so high. Click rate. Therefore, we must follow the example of webmaster to operate ourselves, slowly beyond others, and finally in constant self transcendence, to achieve the highest self realization.

1, pay attention to the website column content planning. A good site, to give users a clear picture, an accurate column classification, allowing users to use the fastest time to find the information they want to find.

2, pay attention to the stability of the site, a website is always the server problem, still not open; or half a day are not open, so during the intangible lost a lot of friends, after all, time is money.

3, the content of the site should be targeted. We do local portals, it is necessary for local information, according to local people