Garbage station OR theme station

station or station theme, this is a problem, the garbage station flow, can bring the flow of what it is, operation is simple and quick, but once the search engine abandoned, from the sky to the ground, the subject station, need to be carefully selected, carefully arranged site structure, heavy workload, slow. But once you have accumulated, traffic is relatively stable. So, is it a garbage station or a theme station,


this is my idea, start to do a dumpster practice, the domain name ah, ah, ah, the space program SEO is probably know about the practice, wait to learn about, to flow to be numb, the search engine has shot idea, then again to do a theme station, my love is experiencing such a process, the beginning of the advertising network in the content not spam, collected some messages ah, love what ah, but the flow has been, always in the 100 to more than 200 levels, income is not thought a few days. Sometimes a few cents. This time I sit, began to increase traffic, I began to learn SEO, know how to optimize the key words, immediately came, sometimes a keyword every day can bring hundreds IP thousands of PV, have stable income in several times, this feeling has never been:) but slowly lost the power that do not flow to earn a little money I want. Because ad net has done so long, also do not want to give up, so produced the idea that advertisement net makes a theme station well. What do you do? When advertising network is because I think registered a good domain name (later known net m actually not very popular), "confession" means that it is certainly a emotional theme, but less than the horizon, there are tens of thousands of people to discuss the discussion derailed mistress in the above, if the network advertisement stick and emotion that is obviously not the development of discussion. Spread, discuss the emotional needs of the means of communication, then SMS, letters should be able to do, need a token of love confession, so gifts can do, feel shy white face to face on the Internet that can ah, so the wall also can do, these are done, then add some optimization, do some the Links flow, so there is no problem, then add some friends and family move, so the site should be able to maintain a stable development.

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