A WeChat from Chengdu didn’t give us a product lesson

[Abstract] the author @ Liu Xingliang, last week in Chengdu after attending a meeting with a fellow author @ Zou Lei Ms. together to take a taxi to the airport, but this is originally a common experience.

is usually between peers catch up, say, talk about the industry gossip, this is not the only one. Unexpectedly, such a most unusual taxi process, the taxi driver through the author gave us a vivid lesson. This lesson.

although the past week, even for I like to write blog, play micro-blog people, but also dare not send a micro-blog, write a blog, because the loss of such a shock feeling.

that day, the waiter at the Shangri-La Hotel in Chengdu called a taxi for us. After getting on the bus, we were pulling our heads together for the conversation, and we found the brothers talking first. Not talk to us, nor walkie talkie, but mobile phones. Brother, more than 40 years old, cell phone, fixed at the air outlet.


one or two years ago, it’s amazing to use mobile phone voice chat. Today, with the advent of WeChat, meter chat and other products, voice chat is nothing new.

so we took it for granted that he was using WeChat. They were talking to several people, thinking they were using WeChat’s group chat feature.

took a glance at his cell phone screen for professional sensitivity. Since sitting in the back row, the distance is not particularly clear, but the intuition tells me, that is not WeChat, is a product that I am not familiar with.

brother told us that this product is not WeChat, but XXX (to avoid advertising suspects, the following replaced by A products). Very curious to ask him why not use WeChat, and use this unknown A products. This brother is very talkative, immediately talked about a bunch of reasons, WeChat approved a pass.

, the brother of a fluent Sichuan dialect, thanks to my stay in Chengdu for many years, so the exchange is very harmonious.

for them, WeChat has a few disadvantages:

first of all, every time you log on WeChat, there is no online news during this period of time, it will pop up a lot. With the WeChat group chat friends should have experience greatly, especially the group members more than 10, then there are a few words with chatter, watching the news very hard. For their taxi drivers, they only need to chat in time without having to read the chat information of other people.

secondly, WeChat’s notifications are annoying and ringing. Their industry, 24 hours of people working, chatting, forming a disturbance. I reminded him that WeChat had trouble free settings. He said he knew it, but it didn’t work well. I know this too well. It really doesn’t work. One night, I was a WeChat