A good soft Wen to write out in fact very simple

is a high quality of soft Wen content it must focus on what you want to promote the theme of the domain name, not cop-out, drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters. As for whether it is easy to see is soft text, it does not matter. Or, directly in the text to point out that this is a soft text.

any article, there must be a center of its thought, or to tell a truth, or want to tell a story, or to convey a message, no matter what kind of articles, there is always a purpose. And the soft Wen, its purpose is to promote you included in the content of a domain name. Well, in the end how to write soft Wen? I’ll give you an example,

, for example, I want to promote the ediandian.com domain name, this domain name website is a shopping navigation website, according to the website design and service content, we can write this soft text. The following is the soft content.

many people have online shopping experience, have had the first kind of fear of being cheated, fooled idea. Online shopping websites now appear in groups, and the web has occasionally reported the processes and experiences of some people being cheated. So, as a consumer of us, how should we avoid such a moment of risk? According to many users and experts analysis and summary, there are mainly the following:

1. when shopping online, it is best to use a relatively safe payment system, such as Alipay, BaiduPay and so on, pay treasure. You must not transfer money to each other privately by bank transfer.

2. in the choice of online shopping website, must choose those good credit, through some third party certification online shopping website, that risk will directly reduce 50%, such as Taobao, there are ah, pat and so on. But the problem has come out again, such a vast Internet, online shopping website into thousands, how can we know the good faith and good service of those websites?. Well, here I can introduce you to an online shopping navigation website: little shopping platform www.ediandian.com. Little shopping platform is in 2009 to set up a shopping navigation website, it put some online shopping websites on the Internet classified and credit certification, also provides online reviews for public supervision of various businesses. So, through a little shopping platform, you just a little bit, you can dozens of websites of similar goods for comparison, pick you satisfied with the purchase.

3. remember your shopping experience, experience, and shopping summary posted on the little shopping platform comments page, so that more people in your comments to get useful information.

this soft writing here, basically is about to end, and at the same time, this article is basically the end. In short, writing soft text is not a difficult task, writing soft Wen will have some time.