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after million acquisition, stock class domain names related to the continued popularity in China, in the latest domain name in the country’s largest domain name auction platform love net with the price of 791500 node record shot hit the domestic domain name auction, caused a stir in the domain name market. The end of the auction in the stock of, the author pays attention to the webmaster forum, the domain name city related domain name section almost boiling, full page is under discussion and celebrate the domain name transaction price. A minon said: recently due to domestic policy and open new CNNIC suffix for some reason, once you don’t say the domain name market is about to collapse behind the spoiler, suddenly got jittery. But now to 791500 price auction success, can be said that the current domestic market to name a cardiotonic.

to tell the truth, all kinds of the bright younger generation national domain name new top-level domain, the opening will indeed bring influence the double-sided, which will bring some opportunities this is positive, but also on the existing domain name industry a new round of reshuffle that is to say. Although the new domain name suffixes will have certain limitations in the promotion and use, but we have to admit that if really launched, is very consistent with the user’s access habits, to bring some impact to the existing domain name industry. Although the recent price of the domain name in a few cases, but that in a large number of domain names can only say a drop in the bucket. Therefore, sometimes the domain name investor should treat the domain name investment rationally, and correctly understand and analyze the market prospect of this kind of domain name, so as to avoid the risk of domain name investment.

further look at the recent, the domain name market is increasingly active, whether domestic or foreign, in the domain name auction results achieved steady rise. Take the recent love online auction platform last burst of high priced auction domain name can be seen, more and more investors will auction platform as the first sale channel of the domain name, the terminal began domain name auction platform as the first station looking for a good domain name, this seems to be a trend. To be honest, since the implementation of the new deal in China, many domain investors are consciously tough, began to frequently hold a lot of low-priced domain name package sold out. However, with the recent domestic domain name auction platform frequency broke the good news, the domain name auction platform games also ease the tension they sell at a low price of rice farmers, indirectly promote the domain name market transactions warming.

many domains have been snapped up and auctioned, showing a good prospect of domain name investment. Domain name investment can be regarded as one of the fastest growing industries in the internet. Remember the one I was very impressed with the remark: "the love actually in ten years has created an industry in the Internet the most solid but unannounced industry." As good domains become more and more