Do you want to exaggerate the facts or tell the truth


found a webmaster network (Admin5), I basically every day to take a look at the above, and then comment, many webmaster is good, write a lot is also very useful article, I look after the benefit, they say I used to do promotion method. Do SEO, are very effective, before SEO some key words: Beihai pearl, pearl wholesale, was ranked first in Baidu. Pearl search volume in about 20000000, but also ranked in the first fifth, I can not believe myself, because I do not even understand ASP, in this special say thank you, it is you help me.

should be good praise, is not good, I want to say, I hope you don’t mind, from the beginning of the 07 years, I believe many people pay more attention to marketing. Therefore, we are trying to write out the soft, not for anything else, is to propagandize themselves, of course, there is also a lot of selfless dedication but, I am not in favor of selfless dedication, I hope is to die. Everybody for me, for me. In this way, everyone has the advantage, not blindly dedication, this is a personal point of view, do not agree with, you can criticize afterwards. Let’s get down to business,

want to talk about today is a bad phenomenon, many webmaster wrote love is exaggerated, misleading a lot of webmaster, I like early in the morning they found such an article, "a new monthly income of $300, which is published in the Admin5 in 51LA, where I can see so, I went to look at the contents inside, was GG, said casually SEO a bit, the results will soon have 4500 of the traffic, and not to say that he is not really so much traffic, I opened his website to look, let alone put GOOGLE advertising, even GG two words are not, all is the Ali Mama advertising, put him in the 51 to pull the address bar title changed, called" a new month month income $300, but the content is the same. You can go to verify, and ask, do Ali mother alliance, how can there be dollar income? This needless to say, obviously deceptive.

after half an hour, I went to the webmaster nets, I love to see the webmaster online publication of the latest article, so you can reply, is to help lead the spider web, and believe that many webmaster, laughed at the results so I found an article: "people want to have a little ambition to do webmaster kind of address is:   we can take a look, before the article was written by the original owners. Also published, that person casually COPY come over. Change someone else’s Web site into his own