Entrepreneurship on the road a person’s loneliness

my first contact with the computer, it should be in 96 years, when the computer is a very rare thing, we go out to study, see other companies, very high-end. Very valuable, when I did not expect this thing, and later became my habit and occupation.

When the

in 2000, the first time I had saved his machine, a 6000 fast assembling machine, contact the site of this thing, at that time, engage in enterprise network, is very expensive, our company to do the computer room at the time, because I was learning machine. Learning machinery is good. I feel very relaxed about learning SEO now. It’s not difficult at all. And I’ve met many IT engineers in the internet. So the task was given to me, the first time I didn’t play the game with the computer, and it was really awkward.

because then, Taiwan guy, I can’t play any more. When I bought a computer, the unit paid 2000 yuan for it, but I was looking for an acquaintance, so he recommended the machine which was well equipped at that time. Spent 6000 yuan, then I think, from which he earned at least $300-400, (when cuanji lucrative) but I am very grateful to him.

2000-2001, I’ve been trying to spend it.

in 2001, at that time, the school organized a cousin game exhibition specialty in nature, I want not to be a "to his cousin, so I began to study how to do a simple station, first contact" this thing is very troublesome, but no way, must learn, because want cousin to show off.

remember, at that time, I found a web tool called IBM, a very good software, and now DW FT is immeasurably, but at the time, feel very magical, very simple, a HTML page is ready. Now think of it, feel and do BOLG, things are done in advance, just add them together. Anyway, because the software began to contact the web page, but also because this software cousin took the first place good grades, but also because of this, I changed the line.

in 2002, then began to enterprise benefit is not good, I this network, is also a decoration, and a useful, useless, as a salesman, handyman, pour tea, buy things, so I intend to resign.

2003, I quit work, start online all day, and then play games all night, when the legend is the fire, all night playing legend, work simply don’t want to, because I haven’t graduated for so many years, what else, technology had put down, I don’t like what, how to play?

until the second half of 2003, at that time, an Internet cafe, to open their own legendary SF, do not know the server, also do not know what procedures, so I offered to me, I do the night night learning program, do the script, change the map, change attributes are very simple, but at that time be busy enough.