America How did it do that a startup company that captured 100 million users a year

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Mr. Wu Bofan once shared a story in the relative theory of winter Wu: Why did Jobs design iPhone then?. It was said that Jobs had been given a list of things people were carrying out when they went out 5 years later. There was no iPod on the list. Jobs suddenly panic, he determined to carry iPod to the mobile phone, Apple Corp has the hope of survival.

then, we have today’s iPhone, with a series of successful Apple Corp.

and forced Jobs to make this decision business thinking, that is: scene thinking.

whether the pre industrial era iPod, or the Internet era of Alipay, no matter how strong their past, once out of the user’s life scenarios, the market will soon be occupied by other users to carry the scene App.

, Alipay and WeChat to pay today’s war, "the age of the Internet for the flow and entrance, while competing for the mobile Internet era is the scene", has become the consensus of the practitioners of the internet.

single point breakthrough, focusing beauty makeup, do big three things bad,

VC in the study of the electricity supplier in the field of entrepreneurial projects, the core problem is often torture Entrepreneurs: if you want to do, Ali Jingdong also want to do, how do you do? To attempt to make a space for one person in the field of beauty of startups, this problem is more difficult to answer, because here is not only Ali, Jingdong. There are listed in the United States after the annexation of poly beauty and, is the giant buildings.

and then look at their patterns, whether it is Tmall, poly,, or relying on the large platform B2C, self B2C, its core is around: category + goods. The hypermarket model, the advantages of fast track, Kuaijinkuaichu earn money efficiency. The first response after the user has finished shopping is to quickly close the page and leave the platform.

Ni Shu believes that the hypermarkets model has at least three major disadvantages:

1. tying model, lack of natural scene

online, the supermarket stores such as the traffic is large, you can buy more goods to life, if you are a female fashion, will tend to go to beauty brand stores, rather than buy cosmetics in the supermarket. Because in the exclusive stores, not only a wide range of goods, as well as professional beauty consultant to give you advice and guidance.

regression is also true to the mobile Internet: cosmetics purchase is not a separate thing, but a ring "style – function – brand – Single – collocation – maintenance" line, electronic business platform to undertake this demand good, need more scenes, through the integration of the chain involved in the information, tutorials, Raiders and goods, together to form a closed loop".

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