Can the site ultimately profit by starting this point

mentioned foreign fast food, we first think of Kendl Ki Macdonald, do fast food thousands and thousands of, why other food and beverage did not show up?. Referred to the Shaanxi community exam, we first think of Junrui education, community education also has a lot of, why others do not stand out? Many websites do very hard, content views do not seem to cover and contain everything, small, but is not a single, why? There is an old board, before doing education, earn a sum of money, and then feel that they should have more development projects, so a small company received 10 business, the final result is simply Gubuguolai, even the beginning of the education also dragged down.

has not been given its due attention, or even positioning is wrong. Internet marketers are full of various promotional techniques and techniques, and it takes a lot of time and effort to get to the point of madness. The spirit is indeed good, but we must remind them to walk on forbidden streets. If the site does not have a correct position, even the best promotion cannot create the ideal flow; of course, maybe you can get some clicks in the short term, but will not win because of potential users mental choice to fail.

The reason why

website localization has not been paid attention to is the reason why people can not understand the difference between website promotion and location. To create an ideal site for persistent flow, promotion and positioning are equally important. But the website has powerful flow, it is not promotion, but the market position of the website. For example, it is not its efforts to promote Google, but in fact it has invested less in propaganda, but it is the global leader in search category. Because all users tend to choose the leading web site. If you are a leader, even if you do not do publicity, you can maintain a strong flow; if you are not a leader, then strong propaganda investment also has little effect. From this point of view, the main reason for determining the size of the site traffic is the website’s leadership position, which is the ultimate goal of positioning work. Therefore, the primary task of network marketing is to establish an accurate positioning, in order to gain the leadership position of a category. This is the fundamental way to improve website traffic, we must seize this fundamental.

takes search engine optimization (SEO) as an example. People believe that the key to creating search traffic lies in SEO technology. But the problem is not so simple. Optimization technology, of course, has its function, but it is the user rather than the technology that determines the ranking of the search. There is a simple truth: what a search engine has to do is to line up the user’s favorite web site. What is the user love website? That is to allow users to see the page, looking for a long time, here again the site, all of these are able to escape the search engine "fayan". How can you let users like your website? That is, differentiation with your competitors. It can be asserted that if your site is not differentiated, it can never effectively attract and retain users; in this case, even if you can get a good search rank for a short while, but most of the time…