CMS you really want to weave a dream to work under the curtain


system has been the webmaster you love most, know a little knowledge of the construction site will download a CMS drive system, began his career network. However, if you want to rely on. CMS system to weave a beautiful dream, we need the webmaster from the following aspects.

first, no regrets, science and technology proposals, first of all, to modify the layout of keywords. The keyword layout of the default system is not perfect to me. For example: there are spaces in the middle and "/", the proposed amendments to: in fact, there are many changes in the place, not here one by one, you can experience their own owners to find and improve.

two, no regrets technology proposal to modify the template. A CMS system is of course the most popular articles, users very much. Individuals believe that the default template is not enough to play the CMS system in search engine collection and ranking advantages, in addition, the default template is not suitable for many websites style. Therefore, it is necessary to modify your template style from search engine optimization or from the nature of the site.

three, more effective is the custom navigation of the content, use of the CMS website. The top and bottom regularly do detail changes, specific methods do, can refer to the official installation instructions or help operation. The name of navigation should be as brief as possible, including the main keywords, copyright information at the bottom also should pay attention to, in the words of the position, you can use < strong> < /strong> or < h1> < /h1> < a> < /a> such as signs, attention to control key the density of point.


CMS has a unique natural dedecms system characteristics, is a good learning reference resources. The use of CMS system on the Internet. The webmaster friends, hope this article today how much help to you. To encourage and learn from each other, and jointly open up new horizons in the internet.

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