A few kinds of more creative website promotion method

introduces some more creative website promotion method

one, pictures viral marketing

as the article said at the beginning, this is a very creative method of publicity, I believe in a short time to the site to bring a lot of traffic. The first impression of this picture is the signature picture that is often seen in the forums: a small cartoon character holding a sign with your IP address, operating system, and browser name. What this section shows is what can be changed. I thought it was fun, and I didn’t think I could do anything else. Later, I saw the new year’s gold which was widely circulated on the Internet. I wrote down the name of the person you wanted to send. It can be displayed on the gold medal of the picture. I thought it was a master PS, but later I found it was only necessary to type in the text. There are scrolls on the Eiffel Tower, are all of this kind. By the way, the most used of these methods is to upload pictures to LOGO. The first sites using these methods received a great deal of hits. Some websites I know from these pictures, such as HAHA168, PCPOP and so on. But now many forums and websites are using this approach, the role does not seem so obvious. Incidentally.

two, Forum promotion

Forum promotion is definitely here in the forum is not a version of the advertised, nor will the web site address and signature and crazy scraper, as both exhausting and the effect is not good, the forum administrator just a few clicks you will post all the way to shut you deleted ID, but the impact is so bad, as disgusting as spam. Once in a forum to see a way to promote the site is much more clever. It is a small site to provide employment and learning materials, their propaganda personnel will be all kinds of articles on the site made the link to the form, and put a good classification, posted on various forums, so as to bring convenience to some people in need, and not be too straightforward ads would be the propaganda effect is much better. If you put these materials posted in line with their own positioning of the forum, the corresponding forum, you can get a lot of hits.

three, the alternative blog SEO

this is what I saw in the webmaster information forum. I thought it was really creative, though it was a loophole, but it was really effective. The findings are as follows: users in the most recent "pop music’s two song" mice Love Rice "," Two Butterflies ", at the Baidu Search Ranking, these two words every day search volume: 1 mice Love Rice = 181993, 2 = 111631 two butterflies, although there is no popular keyword list Google, but you can infer the daily search volume in more than 100 thousand, but you go to Google search for these two words, will let you be startled at that row in the home page is basically a person’s blog, who basically put the free blog application >