Baidu crazy K Marx station the movie station can do

a recent update Baidu deeply affected many webmaster ah. Because Baidu K dropped a lot with the Marx program of the station building. Including my own fans Youku network is also K, I asked a friend, they used the Marx built the station basically K, K were not included also to lose yes, only one page of Baidu. Why? It is the cause of the program? I do not believe that, but now the mad There was no parallel in history. K a program to build the station, I believe a little bit.

may do many people, repeatability is too high. With the same procedure, repeat, do template very few people, posted on the forum that a few templates, and repeat, if you go to pick the official Marx resources or other resources non official resources so that more repeat. And path like, directly used, resulting in serious.


Baidu K stand words movie station no future? By Marx built the station is not the future? I don’t believe it. Analysis of the network and the Marx station, a few popular keywords row in front of the station. There seems to be some need to pay attention to.

1. will modify the template itself, it is best to move hands and feet, it is best not to let the template is exactly the same,.

2. path is best modified, do not use the default path, it is easy to cause repeated.

3. data, it is best not to collect. You collected data, you know people do not have it,


does not believe that Marx did not stand. He again made a stand again,, Movie Wizard. A domain name before buying has not done this station, take the experiment. It should not include the problem. What is the main look at Baidu is not really love Marx the station was