Baoding 123 comparison of dynamic and quality of the system

has been a station for a long time. So far I haven’t made a decent stop. Do stand more, use the entire station program is also up. The comparison about the most famous PowerEasy station system and operating system.


station system:

I started the 5 star web education website from 2008 April. The program is easy to start using the personal station version. We chose to pay for the convenience and timely help. The site began to run with very few people and content online. So it does not reflect any of the problems of this process. As time went on, the content gradually increased, followed by a huge increase in numbers and personalized prominence.

at this time, the website has a problem. Because in order to highlight the characteristics of the site and members of the personality, often to adjust the content page of the website, these are through the background to modify the code to achieve. I do not know whether the design is the cause of the program itself or the mistake of my operation. In short, there is always such a problem when generating static content. A more than 2000 static page generated me 6 hours. Slow death when generating pages. It takes 40 to 50 minutes for a column to come down. This is really a pain. After contact with technical personnel, that is the original code to engage in excessive space code. After the technical personnel have been processed, the production speed is much stronger. More than 3000 content 20 minutes OK. Site style changes should be handled separately. Not very convenient. But not as good times don’t last long, I wish. With the increasing traffic on the site, the site is finally gone. Paralyzed. I think of the new program, for now, that is.

operating system:


because I’m not very cold about programs and databases. So please help me to get the so-called master, by moving easily into the dream. The database needs conversion. From the webmaster to find a master online, spent a number of oceans, got it. But I found that he gave me the web site, all the static pages and the original is not on the right number. The money also gave, or through Adsense nets intermediary?. To tell you the truth, this is the main reason why my writing site is finished. If I can think of such an effect, I won’t give you any money. Too TMD garbage. It’s just saying this, not the program.

this program is very easy to use, the speed of opening fast, you can imagine two words to reflect. A simple and practical system, automatic upgrade, just click the upgrade, the system will automatically upgrade to the latest version. Instead of FTP, you can easily get it, this is not easy to move. For a long time in the use of a move easily, this procedure is not very accessible, so once again to find the master for help. After a long period of processing, the website is at last normal. The background operation is very practical and simple. Encounter will not, as long as we go to the forum to search relevant information, you can find relevant solutions. From generating static this >