Baidu elder sister Baidu Library Promotion four point experience

recently Baidu sister in Baidu research library, I did not want to study this thing, just like you want to upload for everyone to learn, but difficult to pass, on a few days, something to support Baidu sister summary friend. I hope Baidu sister summary of things to help everyone. There is need to discuss with Baidu sister, you can add Baidu sister WeChat: baidujie

one, title.


review of the library the first instance is the title of cloth, if you Baidu library header containing the name of the company, the product name is not given, I used four class library accounts are not given, for everyone to see screenshots (on behalf of the private audit failure). This is our company’s cosmetics brand (bluegrass) corporate culture, but unfortunately can not upload, a few days to try a higher level.


two, connect

The first day of

(2013.10.23) or Baidu sister uploads are very subtle, but we do not give, can put what connection, product name, company name (these are part of what the promotion is equal to no sense), want to put the first day to upload results:


second times (2013.10.25) Baidu sister uploaded a document containing the company name, such as bluegrass problems, skin master finishing (Figure 1) and so on, figure 1:


this success rate of 40%, this data can not represent all ah, just a upload 16, successfully 7 (Figure 2), remember, Baidu elder sister is batch upload.

diagram 2


today (2013.10.26) uploaded 40 articles, plus header, footer, header, footer, put the company logo, the company name and web site, this time very miserable, not only did not pass, returned to the account number, whining…



three, length

the length here refers to the length of the upload documents, the more the better, through, at least 2 pages above, this can not prove, pure feeling, I think many pass through the high probability of

four, content

this is nonsense, Baidu although the user experience is not good, for the content of all this Baidu products are very strict claws. This does not explain, Baidu sister said, Baidu sister how to do the content, for everyone to draw on, not the only standard answer ah,

1. data compilation: Outline – finding data – integration – modifying – uploading