How to increase the weight flow of your website

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I was in touch with the Internet 04 years ago, when I was in grade two. Because we are a small county in Chongqing, at the time of the Internet cafe is not very good, 2 yuan an hour. I am reading high school, where I have so much money to go to the Internet bar Oh. Once in a while, but I don’t want to play games, chat, listen to music like most people do. What I’m doing is searching for free stuff. Be keen on free resources, such as ", free space, and free domain names. Because from the beginning of contact with the network, I like the web production. Doing a website is a very learned thing. At that time, the Internet is not good, just do some of the so-called "web site."".

is now in the University, after several years of exploration, not to find self-help Station these, but rather download your own web site source code, modify, and then upload the site. In fact, is a Chongqing webmaster, ha ha, his little achievements?. Several stations have been successful, but most of them belong to the category of failure. Below to enter the key, welcome to communicate with me. My website is Chongqing webmaster forum.

experience is one step at a time. But no one cares when the website is ready. Very depressing.

online has many articles on the optimization of SEO website, read a lot, learned a lot, today I summed up what I learned, to share the same as I used to confused people.

here I do not speak website positioning, to take a good name, select the keywords of the site, and then determine their own domain names, these problems, many people have spoken online, speak very thoroughly.

site traffic is the source of the site’s life, no traffic, your web site does not make any sense, nothing better is futile. So I’ll talk about how traffic comes first.

There are many ways to promote

, and I think the best and most effective one is to add valuable external links as much as possible.

has the value of external links is very important to find your website, a good external links a day can bring you hundreds of thousands of traffic it is possible. Therefore, I suggest that the external connection is a more important aspect of the development of the site, can not be ignored. As for how to get good external connections, combine the theme of your website, search for better websites in the circle, and then use your diplomatic skills to convince them to give you links.

in the next is to manage their own links. The link of the website, to search engine, want a passageway, a door, search engine can enter your website to be collected through this door. If your door is very good, then the search engine is very happy to come to your home, understand? But need to remind is to pay attention to a small skill, that is, in and >