How do people trust your website

as everyone knows, online shopping, unreal ethereal, easily deceived, so many people shopping online will be very worried, carefully to determine your site is normal, whether the integrity of business. Combined with a variety of online collection of articles, I simply share with each of my own views, it is their own experience yo.

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, here, our website — Guangzhou happy network, you are browsing this article in the process, we can go to the site to check control.

well, well.

first, provide detailed contact information. I said the details of contact, including telephone (mobile), QQ, address, I think this is the most basic, and now a lot of people still leave mail. Of course, a lot of online shopping is to help agents, or no facade, these addresses will not be available. If you have their own entity shops, like us, you can provide detailed address, and in the appropriate place marked map, route, so that customers are not assured, ha ha, ha ha. Did you say "no"? We made an independent page of ourselves to tell customers how to shop at our store. See Guangzhou happy net for details.

second, providing shop style. This is aimed at the owner of the entity store. You can open a column on the website, take good shops in the real, uploaded to the website, for customers to visit, the best shops in all directions, various angles to shoot, can also be a corner feature night shoot, shoot day, oh. That’s what I do, but my shooting level is really bad. If you don’t mind, you can go to my station and see "shop style"".

third, provide qualification certificate. If you are an agent of a brand, you can ask them to provide you with an authorization letter or what they can do to help you make a link on their web site. Many products are licensed now, and if you are their agents, they will give you a number, and you can put this on your site. For businesses and individual businesses, business licenses, permits, taxes (national taxes, local taxes), etc. are generally available. We are formal management, and made a page, "qualification certificate", so that we see you are real, legitimate business.

fourth, to provide clerk style. Oh, I haven’t done that yet, but in planning. Let’s talk about our views first. I think you can link to your personal blog, of course, their blog often updated, there is nothing, usually can write some life trivia, personal mood days, it is best to upload your photos, ha ha.

fifth, other auxiliary. For example, what sponsorship have you participated in? What line ads have you done? What kind of public service activities have you done? You can show it to clients in the form of website news. Our store often advertises in some community magazines, and occasionally sends cards or cards to the community. It may seem trivial, but it makes the client feel that you’re concentrating