About vertical field market operations popularity and expertise necessary prescription

vertical blog, "China bokee.com clears all user data with free time to say goodbye", the vertical field, hard time, found in recent time, the vertical type of website are difficult to continue, from vertical electricity supplier last year, to the nearest vertical blog about the rash and too much in haste, as if the world is in vertical website the black hole, need to wait for our salvation, in the future, the Internet has become more and more about the vertical direction to do, from small to large, from the micro to the end, all is likely to encounter vertical areas in the matter, this article want to talk about the vertical field of those popular and special research. Maybe, with these, you can certainly continue.

popularity chapter: I traveled the ends of the earth, in order to find such a person,

The most is this kind of demand for

vertical field, the people and their web site, apart from the vertical electric providers do not say, other types of sites at the vertical field, whether you are saying it, for example, vertical blog we often see that some parenting blog is vertical type, some vertical blog is IT related, some technology, just as the year of the DoNews blog application, is the case, many of which are associated with the theme of this blog and people in the above opened a website, and ultimately the formation of such a popular form such an atmosphere.

indeed, such a person, the vertical blog only is likely to continue, because someone can bring others to pass ten, ten pass 100 continue perpendicular to the wonderful world; the tiger sniffing network, an Internet technology blog, most of the time is always think, why is this blog well, comments are very exciting, and outstanding writing, see those foreign Internet information so quickly when you understand, the country will also need such an atmosphere, it is far more than that of other newspapers and magazines, more detailed website, this is the meaning of existence, here there is comment, here there will be users of concentration and judgment, want to know the best, here is not.

is the kind of person, this website can be easily because they and the rich, professional people to spread, which is the most popular piece of true meaning, we often wondered why vertical website looks good, but not good to do, why, perhaps, is true and you haven’t found these people actually find people in the beginning stages, and to retain people, it is through the QQ group ah, like micro-blog are interested in together, there are words together, then work together to maintain such an interest, and ultimately realize the popularity of the accumulation, make vertical sites you can get everyone firewood high flame energy.

and others, because in this field is an expert, popular effect, so it is more able to lead their fans to do such a propaganda, just as fun bee network, for celebrities to create their own brand, then these celebrity makeup brand into yourself "