A case study of the latest model of making money from WeChat

what’s WeChat for? Chat, pick up girls, it can still make money, didn’t expect it. WeChat earn money can do micro business, you can do from the media, you can do local information sharing, as I have written an article before, "WeChat circle of friends," the latest model of money "local life information sharing". Today, Shao Lianhu blogs give you a way to make money from WeChat.


WeChat earn money, the most common is some so-called micro quotient, advertising every day non-stop brush, annoying. There is a local advertising information sharing, all released some parts of the job, in the circle of friends recruitment, second-hand transactions, ride and other information, also let people hate. You remember a little bit, as long as it is annoying, do not make money, do not listen to others say how much money earned.

today, a friend of mine sent me a public number. Let me see if this model will last long. I read an article, is a public number above, get dozens of city classification, and each of the local city have personal WeChat customer service, you can contact them for free to release information, as follows:


I see the bottom, if you want to open the city, you can contact their customer service, micro community cooperation must have WeChat public number, because the micro community must be bound on the WeChat public number above. Can also city agents, business cooperation, etc.. That is to say, you can represent a city and maintain it yourself. Some people advertise their money and make their own money. Here’s the picture:


saw this, I thought he was the circle of friends with WeChat to publish local advertising information to make money mode, there are many parts of the WeChat circle of friends for free release of information, can be the recruitment, job information, and businesses, if companies want to release to charge. My Shao Qian blog VIP members have a friend that is doing this, a micro signal, there are tens of thousands of local fans, also took over some local advertising. But then I found out that he was not just a friend of mine, sharing information, not a micro community, as follows:

 This city navigation

like wind classification information, their city are classified into a table, you go to the community after the first choice of their communities, and then there will be a community interface, as shown below:


you look at the picture above, local chat, job recruitment, rent, carpool can be said to local life service category had almost all. I also click on the next look, really good, you can exchange, post, etc., and there are many published posts. In order to find out what happened, I also added a micro signal to their local city. This personal micro signal is the same as other people, free to help release some advertising information in the circle of friends. The following chart:


here, this WeChat earned money on the case and we all finished analysis, and I do not know if you have heard exactly what I am talking about. Under >