mpact of changes in Tencent rules on Taobao customers 1


some time ago, a series of changes to the Taobao League rules, please refer to relevant content: Taobao Union rules change for a series of articles of Taobao customers, Amoy habit just Taobao alliance changes, the Tencent has changed a lot, and are of great influence to change Taobao off.

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this article for the Tencent rules change for Taobao guest influence, the first chapter, mainly introduces the QQ group friends to limit the situation and influence of IP.

event overview:

as everyone knows, QQ group marketing is a more conventional way of Taobao as passenger transport means, the idea is very simple, as long as the Taobao customer links published in QQ, then the user through the QQ transaction, Taobao customers can get a commission, the whole operation is very simple, the key is how to pull people into the group.

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in addition to conventional soft drainage plus group methods, there is also a very popular, is the envelope, this thing can not be said to be gray, the envelope is stolen number, has violated the relevant laws of the country, but because of its convenient operation and add friends of the QQ group, there are still many people in operation.

if you don’t understand, Huo always introduce, for example, after the A account is stolen, I pulled the A into the group, and then set the A to the group manager, then A account login, the administrator will use the convenience, all the friends of the A number of all pulled into the group, so A friends see his friends pulled into the group, the group will be more trust, then, group members will soon be filled with hi.

, with members of the group, in the way mentioned above, release Taobao links within the group, and after the group members purchase, they will receive commissions.

understanding of the whole idea, we say this Tencent rules change for the impact of Taobao customers, it is better to understand more.

Tencent limited area IP people, so that group members will appear more trouble, no member of the group, the link back will become a waste, of course, not all people can, the main limitation is IP, as long as often hung, common landing IP. Change, OK, plainly, or limited to the area.

crack scheme

, some friends say, "can I use VPN," doesn’t the Tencent require IP area restrictions? "Then I’ll change IP.".

first said, for IP, use VPN, this thing is not free, in Taobao, the purchase price is generally 1 dollars a day less than the appearance of it.

secondly, economics >